why men loves romantic sex for Dummies

why men loves romantic sex for Dummies

Over the course of mycareeras atherapist for sex, I havebeen privileged to sitwithhundreds of maleswhile they discussedtheir sexualneeds sexual lives, their sex experiences,anddreams.Although I don’t have any of thefeeling of being a guy, I have been privilegedtohear male’s perspectivesabout sexual relationships.Although every man is different however, there are some common themes.

1.The body isthe very firstarea where you’ll discoveryour sex.

Although women’s desire to have sexmay be promptedthrough their mind, memory, oremotional feeling of connection the desire of menis physical.Men have massive amounts oftestosteroneintheir bodies which pushestowards sexual desire.Young men are more prone toan erection at the first sign of arousal.And for an adult man when he sees his wifeor partneremerge fromthe showernaked triggers thebody torespond.It is hard to overestimatethe way the body’s chemical systemis directing his mind’s mind towardsthe sexual.

2.The male experience of sexa hunger.

sex for couples He is looking to satisfy.Hisneedto sex is similarto a craving for chocolates.Every episode givesan opportunity to enjoy a delightfulsurprise, no matter if it’ssmoothor buttery rich oran ounce of raw andbittersweet or silky sweet.He’s always searching fora way to be delightedand awed.Dessert isa vital partofany day.Yet, the contextof the relationship –such as, a fightwith his wifecan still ruinhisappetite.

3.Sexuality isan energy source.

Sexualityadds a sense of excitement to men’sintimate relationships withpotential and excitement.The manisenergeticanddetermineddriven to fulfilhis mission in life,andto find his ideal partner.Hetries to keep going through the day, lured by the promiseofa sexual rewardin the night.

4.Sexual pleasure is a source of excitement.

It’sthe most exciting adventurethat you’ll ever have.Heregards his body asan incredible pleasure deviceandwants to enjoythe fullest potential of it.Becauseorgasmis typically reliableandsimple, a rangeof sexualactivities, poses as well as rhythms canbea fantastic waytodiscover and improveyour pleasure. why men loves romantic sex?  an array of sexual gestures that are performed in different positions, rhythms, and positions seemsto bea great waytoenhance his enjoyment.Everyinteraction or smile, flirtation, innuendo an attractive figure orsexualimagery, whether fictionalizedornot, isan assault onthe male brain.The slightesthint of something or someonelike sex triggershis brainwaves erupt with excitement.

5.Hegives love through sexual sex.

The moment when a partner isengaged is usuallythemoment men describe asthe mostsexually satisfying.Men are often confused whenthey’re brandedselfishdue to their preferencefor sexual intimacy.Their hearts are filled withthe expectationofa bonding, intimatebodilypleasure.Heoften fantasizesaboutwaystomake it betterfor her, asking fordetails on her sexual desires, just so he canenhance his relationship with her.

6.Love is the core ofsexual intimacy.

Sexual releasecan make men feellike they are finally home.After all the hurtandchallenges of life it is a methodformalesto feelvalued and supported.While he may be accusedof “onlyneeding sex,” most men wantand feel a moreemotional connection to their partner than a merebodyrelease.Theact of fallingin lovecan create a profoundfeeling ofaffectionto the person he is with.Also, it boostsconfidenceandoptimism.The mostenjoyable partof a romantic sex wanted by his partner.

While women often wishfor an emotional connection prior tomaking a physical connection however for males, sexual intimacyisusually necessaryto feel safe enough forthe possibility of vulnerability.In the end, male sexual desireinan intimate relationship is a giftthat is an additional pathtowardromantic love.

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