Fascination About what kind of man does a woman looking for

Fascination About what kind of man does a woman looking for

Some women are very pickyandwill only go forspecificmen , based on looks andphysical size, financial status,and race. what kind of man does a woman want ?

Most women areopen.Thismeansthat theyareopen to meeting differentkinds of men, solong as they candraw them in fordifferentreasons.they are confident, charming, charismatic, makes her laugh,and so on.).

It is common to see menwho are averageorless attractive, and arepairing with gorgeouswomen.Also, you will seewomengetting married toorhaving relationships with malesofall races.

The Ultimate Kind of Man

Themost desirable kindof man, which almost allwomenlike,isagentleman who:

  • She is confidentin herself andwith other people.
  • He is masculinewhen it comes to howhe thinks, feels,andconducts himself.when he has a problem,he finds a solutionandcontinues to moveforward, rather than spendingtime in emotional turmoilas a woman).
  • She will loveherunconditionally and loveherfor whoshereally is deep down instead of constantlytrying toalter herorchange her into beingmore like him.
  • Has the ability toguide her and herselftowards deeper feelings of respect and affectionas time passes, instead ofthinking that she’ll staywith him throughout the rest of his lifebecausethings were good atthestart.
  • Has purpose in direction in life (i.e.the person has ambition) and is determined toachievewhat he is setting outtoaccomplish in the longtime, instead ofbeing a lost soulwhoisn’t surewhathe’s supposed dowith his life ordoesn’t have the determinationtopursuehis dreams.
  • Fearless in love andnot aclosed-minded or unsecureperson.

Men can all be actively attracted towomen.

Certain men havesuperior looks than others,but that doesn’t mean thatall of us aren’t able tobe attractive to women in otherways ( being confident, displaying athe masculine appearancewhich makes womenlook feminine bylaughing, beingcharming and charming, etc.).

Thetruthabout attraction is thatmostwomen (not all) are moreinterestedandattracted to howthe guy’s character, behaviourandthe way they make themfeelthan on howhis appearance.

Yes, there arewomen whowant onlythe most attractive guy However, the majority ofwomen aremuchmore what kind of man does a woman looking for While some women only desireto be with a beautiful man The majority ofwomen are moreopen toaccepting any type ofman.

Check out this video to knowthe ways in which women’s desire fora man really worksandthe best way touseit tobecome the typeof man that women want…

This videowillshowyou that the typesof men women feel attractedtoare available in varioussizes, shapes,and races.

For instance, any oftheabove types of mencan attract women,evenin the absence of malefashion looks, tonsof moneyor aren’t 6fttall.

  • An alpha male.
  • Aman who is a mystery.
  • Abeautifulman.
  • An overweight man.
  • Ashort man.
  • Aman with a bald head.
  • An uglyman.

The truth is thatevery man is notalike.

They don’t wearthe sameclothes or listen to exactly theidentical music, or followthesame life style.

So, when it comesto thequestion ,“Whatkindofmen do women like?” what youreally shouldbeasking yourself is“Howcan I getwomen tolikeme?”

Why?Itdoesn’t matter if women loveyou for who you are orbelieve that you’re good at what you do.

Being nice towomenis agreatway to show respect however, it onlywill be of value oncethat you’vemade her feeldrawnto you.

Beingkind to her isn’t exactly thething that makes her feelattracted to you.It’simportant to showthe characteristics and behaviorsthatattract women naturallywhen you want them tofeel attracted.

An example: A woman is likely tofeel attracted to you ifyoumake her laugh, are confident and charming and possessa masculine vibe.

Ifyou are nervous whenyou speak with women,andyou’re not talkingdue to fear ofmakingmistakes, she will feel offendedandmay notlaugh at you.

Attraction isthe most importantandmost important. Everything elseis a natural progression.

It is essential to make womenfeel attractedto youin order to becomethekind of manthey are drawn to.

If youcan make womenfeel attracted,she willbe moreinclined tosexual relations with your partnerand may even becomeyourgirlfriend.

For instance: Ifyou know that a man is enthusiasticabout football, and a girlwho he has met isn’t a fan offootball,itisn’t a guarantee that she won’twish to have a relationshipwith him or becomehisgirlfriend or maybeget married to him one day.

Minor orminorvariations, like differentpreferences in music orthings, don’t matterto most women aslong asthey havethefundamental elementof sexual attraction.

Someonewho iswithsomeone who loves footballis more likelyagree to him attendinggames or watching televisionto spend timewith him.

She doesn’tneedto be afootball fanlikehim, but she couldbe a fan and acceptthe sport assomething that makes him happy.

Whatkinds of men do womendislike?

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Thekind of menmost women do not likeinclude:

  • Too nice.
  • Nervous or shy.
  • Life islackingthe purposeand direction.
  • Withoutcharisma and personality
  • Selfish or arrogant.
  • Lacking any alpha male qualities.

Thebest method to winwomen is tobeaniceman, but also possess someballs.

With balls,you’re confident and able tobe assertivewhen you haveto, and you possesstheemotional strength to handleevery challengelifewill throw at you.

Do not forget, however,to be thegood guy that youalready are.

Many men are confused aboutwhat womenreally wantfromtheir male counterparts. If theyspot a woman withbad relationships they thinkthat women all want to be like that.

Yes, there are somewomen whowould like a toughboy for a lover ora boyfriend, but mostguys aren’t that andtheystill manage toget laid, getone of their girlfriends and then getmarried.

Why?The majority of women wantto find a man who has the strengthtofacetheproblemsof life.

Women will be attractedto youif you havethe same feeling about you.

It’spretty much as simpleasit gets.

If you are able to attractwomenthat way then you’ll discoverthatyou’re in factthekind of guywomenlove.

Yet, the reasonyou weren’t getting good resultsin the past was thatyoudidn’t have the capacitytotruly attract womenandmake them feel comfortablewhen youspoketothem.

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