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Can I Bring My Own Sunglasses To Get Prescription?

If you’re one of those people who wears sunglasses to complete your outfit and protect your eyes from the sun’s blazing and blinding light, then it’s a normal response. And another cool thing about your sunglasses is you can have prescription lenses as an add on. 

Although it provides the protection you need, some would not have the perfect vision to go on with your day. People have preferences such as wearing contact lenses or glasses but, not everyone likes the idea of sticking the contact lenses with your finger due to fear of poking one’s eyes by accident. 

But, wearing glasses would maintain the vision you need but lacks eye protection from sunlight, so the one solution is to convert your sunglasses to prescription ones.

Here are the following things to understand:

Is It Possible To Convert Your Regular Sunglasses Lenses With Prescription Ones?

In fact, yes, it is possible to convert your regular sunglasses into prescription ones since the process is similar to regular glasses lens replacement. But before that, there’s one factor that needs to be considered first to carry on with the process. This is choosing the frames of the sunglasses.

Since the shape of the lenses must be a perfect fit for the frame to avoid the chances of it falling off from the frame due to being loose or the frames being too small. To successfully convert your sunglasses, consult yourself to a professional if eyeglass lens replacement is needed, and invest in a high-quality sunglasses frame, and don’t waste your time and money on cheaper ones. Using more affordable frames would usually break easily.

Is It Worth Buying?

Well, of course, it’s worth buying. Since it’s a very popular option amongst millions of eyeglass-wearers, and this option is very costly and expensive for other people. But if you have the money, then go for it.

Consult Yourself With Experts First

It’s important to talk to experts or a professional to have all of your questions answered to carry on with the process and the costs of frames that work best for the specific prescription lenses. 

By taking the time to talk to an expert, you save more time in choosing from a wider range of frames for the prescription lenses and money. Also, this would help in lessening the chance of you getting frequent headaches or hurting your eyes.

Schedule An Appointment To Have Your Eyes Checked

After your consultation, we will move on to the next step, which is to have your eyes checked. Doing this will determine if the frames you brought with you are compatible with the lenses, and it must have the desired quality to support the prescription lenses. 

The next process is fitting the lenses and finding the right size and shape proportional to the frames. It will make the glasses lens replacement easier. After the appointment, the doctor will take care of ordering your prescription lenses, and it would usually take up to 5-7 business days to be ready and shipped.

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