Top latest Five men love this position Urban news

Top latest Five men love this position Urban news

Are you looking to drivehim crazy inthe bedandadd some spice toyoursexuallifewith somesex?You have your chance.These are the most hotmale sex roles we’ve seenmenlike.To ensure their woman loveissatisfied and contentwith sex, menare known to spend lots oftime on their beds.It’s your turntoreturn the favor.Perform a reverse role andbring your manon.Here are the most covetedsexual roles that men adore because sexisan importantelement of life.These aren’t the boring,ordinary missionary positions.Learnmore!

1.Womanin thetop

This is the most coveted. man loves it This position lets yoube the boss and lead. men love this position Males love itwhenthe female isthe leader and is the dominant figure inthesex scene.You’ll be jealousof the womanwho is in charge.Youcan alterthe paceto fityourrequirements, whether it is sloworspeedy.Keephimwondering.

2.The reversecowgirl’s position

best position for couples The reverse cowgirlpositionisanother sex position mostmenadore.This position puts the womanin the front, withtheman facing her.The scene doesn’t featurea lot ofeye contactor too muchof touching but the stroking will beenough toget your partnerall aroused.Ifyou’re still wantingtoestablish eye contactyou can always justlook around and see if you can catch a glimpse or twotoadd the spice.

3.The standing position

After a fewattempts After a few attempts, you can achieve this.The standing position is whenbothof youare sitting andthe manwalks infrom behind.It is possible tomake the mostof your kitchenandtest this technique there.Bendforward and holdthekitchen’s countertop while he is able to penetratethe space around you.


Thisposition permitsplenty of body contact which means it’s extremelyclose.You two havetolaytogetherand theman is able to penetrate.Your back willfacetheman , and heis able to hold you close.It is also possible to turnyour backtowardsthemale sothathe’s able to seeyour sex while you are sexing.

5.The Lap Dance

It’shard to find someonewhodoesn’t love sex atvarious locations.You can takethe chair out of the wood, andplace your manontop of it.Thiswill causehis knees weakenregardless of whetheryou facethe other wayor not.He’ll surely enjoythesensation of being close toyour body and in totalcontrol.This positioncomes with thebenefit of letting youlook over your man, and maybekiss him.

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