Torrenting is the act of using torrent websites such as siti torrent or torrent networks in genera

Torrenting is the act of using torrent websites such as siti torrent or torrent networks in general. Torrents are an easy way to share files on the internet using decentralized computer networks. This network, although useful, is seen to be the enemy especially among developed countries such as Italy where it has become increasingly difficult to access torrent websites.

Although this can be bypassed using proxy sites, it may be a hassle getting a website that works in your region. Some ISPs (internet service providers) are known to block access to torrent sites by limiting browsing speeds and outrightly blocking access to these sites.

How Torrents Help

Torrents make sharing files easier by distributing the burden among a network of computers. The more computers are on the network, the faster file sharing becomes and the better the network is. Torrents help users share and store large files without the need for a central server. Torrents can be used to share files of different sizes without any loss in speed or data.

When you access siti torrent websites, your network provider or ISP can view what you do while you browse. This is how they can stop you from accessing torrent websites in countries where torrents are banned. Torrents can help users gain access to files that would have otherwise been out of their reach because of their lack of centralized servers.

Why Should You Use a VPN?

Using a VPN will protect your browsing activities and keep you anonymous while you browse.  It is important that you protect your online identity by keeping your activities private. VPNs will help you to do this by masking your online presence and routing your connection through various servers around the world. VPNs will also allow you to access various blocked sites and get the information that is behind the firewall.

When choosing a VPN provider, ensure that you use a paid service rather than a free one because some free services may sell your data for gains. Paid VPN services are much more trusted and they will not sell your data. VPN services make it easier for you to browse the internet without anyone knowing what you’re doing online.


If you are looking to use a torrent website, it is best that you are well protected while you are using torrent websites. Torrents make it easy for you to download large files without needing access to centralized servers.

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