When to hire an architect

Putting architectural plans in to motion takes on a range of different paths

Putting architectural plans in to motion takes on a range of different paths, which varies on multiple factors like budget, project size and of course the nature of the project.

When you’re starting out with a project and looking at costs it may be appealing to skip the hiring process of an architect to keep outgoings to a minimum, however martyn pattie architects confirm that even though additional costs may be incurred an architect may be necessary in order to get the project completed safely.


Architects can take on many roles within any set project and cover many areas including the initial designs on paper, through to the selection of materials for the build.

In order to get a clear idea of what design is needed, an architect will have a sort of getting to know you session to learn about the prospects of the completed project, the purpose of the build and any other specific requirements.

Having someone who knows the fine details of how construction works may save project owners a lot of money in the long run as they know which hurdles to jump, and which to avoid. Mistakes can be costly, so hiring an architect is a great way to ensure that the project runs smoothly.

Production builders

If building a selection of properties from scratch, many project owners may take on the services of production home builders.

Using a template, the building team will use that same blueprint to construct a collection of buildings of the same exterior, making the process faster as they are familiar with the routine and how the construction process will work throughout the duration of the contract.

If you are on a budget in regards to time, this could be a beneficial step to take.

Home designer

If you are specialising in the design of a home environment, a home designer can often provide a bigger influence than other potential partnerships.

Home designers may not have the same level of qualifications as architects but as they tend to focus on one area rather than multiple areas, their knowledge and experience could be much more attractive to the current project in hand making them a more appealing choice.

Another benefit aside from the high quality designs from a favoured party, is that the fees attached to home designers are considerably less, ideal for budget homes.

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