How to clean a white faux leather couch?

Faux leather couches are one of the most popular choices for people shopping for a new sofa. This is because faux leather is a cost-effective and cruelty-free option for people who like the aesthetic of a leather sofa, without wanting real leather in their home. 

If you purchased a white faux leather couch or any color, recently, you might be wondering how to clean it so that the faux leather doesn’t become damaged or worn. Just like any furniture, a faux leather sofa requires upkeep in order to maintain its freshness and to stop it from looking aged.

In this blog, we will explore how to clean white faux leather couches and a few reasons why professional couch cleaning services Sydney are ideal for faux leather.

Let’s get started!

Cleaning white faux leather sofas – the do’s and don’ts

First thing’s first: how do you clean faux leather? Let’s take a deep dive into the dos and don’ts of cleaning this type of sofa.

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  • Clean the sofa regularly. Although faux leather sofas might not appear “dirty” in the way that a fabric sofa can, that doesn’t mean it isn’t holding onto a lot of bacteria. In order to maintain the look of a white faux leather couch, you need to clean it regularly – at least once a month.
  • Use specialist faux leather cleaning products. Faux leather isn’t as tough as real leather and requires gentle care so it doesn’t get damaged. You can wipe it down with a damp cloth in everyday circumstances, but for proper cleaning, you need specialist products. 
  • Ask your manufacturer for recommendations. When you buy your faux leather sofa, make sure to enquire about cleaning recommendations from the manufacturer.


    • Use harsh chemicals on the sofa. Although faux leather seems tough, it isn’t. If you use bleach-based products or other harsh chemicals, you could easily permanently damage the sofa for life. 
  • Underestimate what professional couch cleaners can do. Some people might assume that professional sofa cleaning is not necessary for a faux leather sofa, but this isn’t the case. Faux leather needs just as good care as other fabrics!

Why hire professional couch cleaning services in Sydney?

Why is it important to have your couch professionally cleaned? Let’s take a look…


The number one reason to have your sofa cleaned professionally every once in a while is hygiene. No matter how well you think you are cleaning your sofa, there will be bacteria sitting in the nooks and crannies that build up over time. Plus, home cleaning products tend not to penetrate the fabric as well as a professional cleaner can!

Prolonging your sofa’s life

We all know too well that couches are very expensive. You might splash out a few thousand dollars on a high-quality, large sofa for your home – so it’s likely that you want it to last a long time!

Having your couch professionally cleaned, particularly if it is white or another light color, is vital to maintain its fresh look for a long time.

Overall, white faux leather sofas require expert care – so make sure you contact us today for couch cleaning services in the Sydney area.

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