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According to Statista data, digital video viewers stand at 3.1 billion across the world. And about 54% of businesses use videos on their landing page. Apart from that, your viewers will retain 95% of your message if they watch it in a video rather than by reading.

If you think of a social media strategy, you have a great chance with animated videos. Do you want to market your brand or grow your YouTube channel? Using animations will increase your viewers, and your videos will be shared more, making your content go viral.

Millions of videos are posted every day as brands compete for attention. On the other hand, the attention span of internet viewers is shrinking. So, your audience wants something simple and informative. That’s when you should use animated videos.

But before making any videos, ensure to learn how to make them. With engaging videos, you will be able to connect with your audience well. And that’s vital when marketing your products.

Steps to Make Effective Animated Videos

Begin with a Video Script

A script is like a blueprint foundation of your animated video. You can’t create nice content without a plan. That’s why you need a script that helps choose what appears in your video. Doing a little homework here will be good for more insights. But ensure the purpose and direction of your videos are clear.

Wondering where to begin with your script as you figure out the video creation process? Write a solid video brief. That helps deliver the core message and action to be taken by your viewers, target audience, and the role of your videos.

You can then change your core message to a simple story for your audience. And remember, hooking your audience to your content is very vital. Make sure you use about 8 seconds to compel your audience to view your video.

After hooking your audience, get to the meat of your animated video. It should live up to your hook. If you make a mistake here, it will destroy your video after a good buildup. The call to action should be the final part of your video. Ensure to lead your viewers to take the necessary action.

Come up With a Storyboard of Your Animated Video

You wouldn’t want to create an animation video that doesn’t serve its purpose. To avoid that, you need a storyboard for your video. A storyboard helps you predict what your final video looks like even before you create it.

When making an animation video, you will have to tweak your visuals and script to create a compelling video. And that becomes easier if you have a storyboard. You may use rectangular boxes to represent your scenes in succession for an effective storyboard. If you want something more, you can use online storyboarding tools. With a good tool, you can use a simple drag and drop interface to create a storyboard freeze.

Decide on the Style of Your Animation Video

Today, the digital space allows you to create various animation videos. But not all styles suit your needs. Every style of animation video has pros and cons. Ensure to choose a style that matches the purpose of your animation videos.

Do you want 2D animation videos? You can consider 2D animation style. The 2D animation style helps sequence your images consecutively in a gradual progression of steps. And that stimulates life-like motion.

Whiteboard animation is another great style of creating animation videos. If you want to create product explainer videos, this will suit your style. You will get more conversions once you use whiteboard animation the right way and with a compelling script. You can use whiteboard animation to simulate the effects of objects and characters you create in front of your viewers. That draws your audience’s attention, and the message remains in their memory for a long time.

You may also use a blend of text and motion to express your idea in the form of animation. Do you want the audience to focus more on the words you present? This video format will be ideal. It’s among the time-saving types of animations when seeking to do things faster.

Maybe you have vital data to pass across, but it’s boring. You can convert such data into engaging stories. Those are infographic animation videos. They are eye-catching since they come with animated graphs, numbers, and charts, which draws viewers’ attention.

Animating Your Video

At this point, you’re ready to animate your video. You may use in-house team, outsource your animation studio, or decide to make it yourself. If you choose to do it in-house, ensure you have scriptwriters, voiceover artists, and animators. But remember,  quality of your video depends on the capability of your in-house team.

Do you plan to have a one-time animation video project? You can outsource that. However, you should consider the budget and how quickly you need your animation video. The quality of your video depends on how well you communicate your ideas to the team you outsource. If you have a lean budget, you need to figure out  how to make animation videos,by yourself..

Edit Your Animation Video and Add Background Music

As you work on your video project, ensure to bring the best out of the animation video. With a reliable video editor, you will be able to perfect your content. Music is very vital to your video. Ensure to find the right music track for your video.

When choosing music, you may want something that evokes the emotions of your viewers. However, you should be clear on what you want your audience to feel as they watch. Also, don’t stick with one song. If your animation video allows, get all kinds of music suitable for your video.

Ensure to Narrate Your Story

Have you perfected your animation video? You can tell your story through words or add lines and texts inside your video. If you include the right voiceover, you will enhance the quality of your video. You can do the recording yourself and get a fun yet challenging voiceover, or you may get an experienced voiceover artist for quality voiceovers.


Begin with the above steps and master how to make animation videos. The process isn’t complex and will result in creating great content. You can use your animated videos for brand marketing or posting on your YouTube channel to get more viewers. Also, you don’t require expensive equipment. With a good video editor tool, you can easily make animated videos.


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