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Build a Connected Team with the Best Communication Channels

Business communication is not all about reaching out to customers; it also concerns internal communication with your colleagues. The only reason for smooth-flowing business operations is because team members collaborate, tasks are evenly delegated, information and skills are shared. But, this is only possible if you use the right communication channel in sending your messages. 

Best Communication Channel to Use

A collaborative team cannot do their task properly if they are not equipped with the right tools. That is why it is important to provide your team with communication software that integrates the best communication channel.


Every communication channel has its advantages and disadvantage. Use these communication channels naturally and make them productivity-increasing tools. 

Personal (Face-to-Face)

The most effective communication channel is face-to-face meetings. It reduces the chance of misunderstandings as it allows facial expressions, body language, and other nonverbal communication to come into play. These cues are essential in maintaining a healthy conversation. 


Personal or face-to-face is the best way to talk about complex and lengthy conversations. You can use this communication channel for informal or formal conversation.

Video Conference

The next most is video conferences, the same with personal meetings. The only thing with video conferences is it happens online. You can still read facial expressions and other nonverbal cues during the call. 


The advantage of video conferencing is its flexibility. You can host a video call from people anywhere in the world and at any time. You have to set a schedule to ensure all staff can join the meeting. Although it might cost you to use video conferencing tools on a larger scale, it reduces travel costs and time, especially for those important people who need to attend the meeting or event.

Phone Call

Unlike video conferences that require a schedule, phone calls can be prompt and immediate. Business calling is the best alternative for urgent communication. Since it is a two-way and real-time communication channel, you get answers quickly.


Let’s say one of your employees is on a day off, and you need to ask about a task. Instead of scheduling a video conference, you can quickly call them and ask for information.


However, it is challenging to determine the mood of the other party. You cannot see nonverbal cues through the phone call. That is why customer service agents need to have effective negotiation skills to handle angry clients effectively. 


Business emails have always been one of the most used communication channels. It is the digital replacement for letters and memos but offers more security.


You can send formal announcements to your team or customers in a structured template. Emails are helpful in file sharing. There is a greater chance to share important files between colleagues or customers. 


If you have a company email address,  you can speak to your team and indicate the urgency of emails. However, you cannot expect to receive an immediate response; the average time frame for emails is 4 hours. Thus, if you need something urgent, it is best to make a phone call. 

Text Message

The same with younger customers, your modern employees consider text messages one of the most convenient communication channels. If you have a message that needs to be read immediately, sending a short, informal message does the job. Moreover, you can receive an immediate response from the receiver.


However, there are two risks when using text messaging. Your team becomes distracted by non-work-related conversations. Second, you are more at risk of sending messages to the wrong person. 

Online Messaging Platforms

Today, several online messages and social media platforms are available. A new communication channel that presents new business opportunities. Most customers prefer online message platforms as they are always on the phone. Moreover, you are provided with real-time responses. 


Online messaging platforms encourage internal relationships and build a culture through open communication. You can create a team chat where you can share ideas and a place where you can easily forward documents. 


Social media and online messaging platforms have presented new opportunities for businesses teams to work and collaborate efficiently.


Most people are now active on social media; more digital consumers reach out to businesses through social media. Other than allowing your target audience to message your contact center through social media, they can keep themselves updated through your posts.


Most businesses post relevant content, news, or event updates on their social media accounts. Social media is the best communication channel for building an online community. 


Final Takeaway

With how modern the world is today, businesses have a long list of communication channels to choose from. Knowing how you best use each platform can feel the positive results as your business grows.


Use the right communication software to be on the same page with your team quickly and confidently meet your customers’ needs.

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