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The easiest way to have complete control over PDF files is to use a PDF rotator tool. PDF software gives you the power to customize your working environment with features like dividing, resizing, adding, changing the backdrop, removing to add watermarks, and deleting PDF files. When dealing with PDF files, it’s common to encounter several everyday annoyances, such as figuring out which way to rotate each page.

To rotate a PDF file from its horizontal position to its vertical position, you must first rotate the PDF file. With a PDF rotating tool, you may rotate your PDFs. You may use these tools to rotate PDF files in whatever direction you choose. It is possible to find spinning tools online as well as on desktops. We’ve compiled a list of the top three free online PDF rotators for your convenience.

3 Best Rotate PDF tools

  1. 2pdf is an online PDF editor that allows users to modify PDF files in a variety of ways and convert a variety of other files to PDF format. Furthermore, apart from these fundamental features, 2PDF’s adaptability is unmatched in the industry. It offers a variety of sophisticated features, including picture conversion quality and colour settings, straightening or adjusting slightly crooked scanned photos, text extraction using OCR, and much more. 2PDF is free to use.

Even if you have no previous understanding of rotating a PDF, 2PDF makes the process simpler. It is a fantastic solution that you can use for free – however, it does have some limitations in terms of capability. 2PDF always has the solution to the question of how to rotate PDF. Every document downloaded is automatically deleted after one hour, ensuring the security of your downloads.

2PDF brings for you several options, including converting your PDF document to another format, lowering the size of the pdf file, merging multiple pdf files into one large pdf document, and splitting the pdf document into several separate pdf documents. All procedures are completely free and operate entirely online, so there is no need to buy or download anything onto your computer to use them.


  • Rotate PDF in different ranges
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Variety of options


  • It takes a while to load
  1. PDFaid Rotate Documents

PDFaid is a multi-featured service that contains all of the answers for your PDF needs in one location. You can submit a PDF file and rotate it in any direction, including clockwise and anti-clockwise. You can even turn it upside down. It also enables you to pick the page range that will be rotated. 

Additionally, you could use this online application to add watermarks and comments, extract photos from Pdf documents, convert PDF files into other file types, compress and produce PDF documents from various other file types, among other things. Alternatively, you may use it to change files from one type to another, such as PNG to JPG. PDF files may also be merged and divided with this program.


  • Fantastic interface
  • Different PDF conversion formats
  • Sorting files option


  • Tricky features
  1. PDF ElementPro

PDF Element Pro is amongst the most effective rotate PDF free applications easily accessible for download. It includes various editing features, making it a one-stop solution for all of your PDF editing needs. Some other features in this software are watermarks, text, comments, and other effects. 

In addition to joining, moving, linking, and splitting blocks of text, this PDF rotator has extensive and one-of-a-kind text editing features. Additionally, you won’t have to be concerned about preserving your PDF file’s original style and format.

It enables you to generate PDF files from scratch and convert them quickly and effortlessly into the format of your choice. The comment tool allows you to include text comments and sticky notes into your documents.

Cloud storage, OneNote, email, and OneDrive are fast and easy ways to distribute data. You may also choose the highest level of protection. This program can also convert, modify, and copy image-based files, among other things.


  • Speedy conversions
  • Upgraded user interfaces
  • Different rotation angles 


  • The trial version is too short

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