Relaxing music: 10 benefits of listening Music

It’s not a causality. The impact that music has on the brain is great, and the one that has a more harmonic or relaxing frequency generates elevated states of well-being in us. In this regard, there is a well-known theory, albeit not yet empirically validated, which speaks of the benefits of relaxing music, with the frequency of 528 Hz, for our body.

It is the so-called Solfeggio frequency, originally used in Gregorian chants. Sounds of healing or not, what we know is that they are capable of generating change in our body and mind, as if an invisible force reactivates us and tunes us more intensely with our own being. Relaxing music is a direct invitation to well-being and it is worth learning more about this art, this widely recommended practice.

The benefits of relaxing music:

Every three months, the APA (American Psychological Association) publishes a music magazine with all the updates on this topic. Nowadays we have multiple experiments, researches and theoretical works based or related to experimental research that show us something that we somehow already intuited: music, and especially the relaxing one, offers great cognitive, emotional and neurobiological benefits.

Let’s see some of these characteristics that are so positive for our well-being.

1) It reduces stress:

If we write the word “relaxing music” on our search engine, we will get a thousand results. However, does this musical style have such a clear impact on our brain that it reduces stress? The answer is yes”. What’s more, years ago a group of neuroscientists from the Mind Lab Institution came up with a curious fact: the song that most relaxes heart rhythm, breathing and brain activity is Weightless, by the British band Marconi Union.

2)The sounds of nature improve concentration:

The sound of rain falling on a window, a flowing river, the tireless whisper of the ocean hitting a rock, the chirping of some birds, the song of a whale … The sounds of nature have a cathartic power over our organism . It is like a return to our origins, a way out, a channel that makes us focus and frees us at the same time.

A few years ago the BirdLife Focus Nature project carried out an interesting work showing that relaxing music, which includes natural and animal sounds, improves the concentration and performance of children with ADHD (Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder).

3) Reduces the sensation of pain:

Listening to relaxing music after a surgical operation improves patient recovery and makes these moments a little more pleasant and less stressful. This data may seem a little peculiar to us, but just as they explain to us in an article in Psychology Today, this type of music reduces the sensation of pain, activates the production of endorphins and strengthens our immune response.

4) Improve your night’s rest:

Most of us do this often. We go to bed, turn off the lights and immerse ourselves in that perfect, relaxing and quality musical dimension where harmony and balance reside. Listening to relaxing music with earphones in the evening promotes rest, helps to disconnect from worries and reduce the noise of those annoying thoughts that anxiety usually feeds.

5). Improve brain function:

Our brains really like music. It is known, for example, that playing a musical instrument from an early age enhances brain development and improves mathematical performance. Relaxing music is almost like a vitamin for our neurons, immersing us in a favorable state of mind to improve reasoning and enhance space-time skills.

The connection between the two hemispheres is also improved, favoring faster communication between neurons.

6)The heart also appreciates a relaxing music session:

We talked about the benefits of listening to relaxing music during the postoperative phase. This is also due to the very healthy impact it has on the heart: it reduces blood pressure and heart rate, beats become more regular and rhythmic, arrhythmias are reduced and the patient feels calmer.

7) More serotonin and endorphins:

Endorphins and serotonin also act as neurotransmitters, and are biological elements capable of awakening our well-being, our happiness and our vital impulse. So, and even though each of us has our own musical tastes and sometimes we prefer much more intense, energetic and lively melodies, we cannot overlook the benefits that relaxing music offers to our brain.

That melodic harmony, those perfect frequencies, those ambient and natural background sounds favor the release of serotonin and endorphin. We do not hesitate, therefore, to look for a moment of the day during which to give ourselves a small session of this musical analgesic.

8) A more conscious diet:

This data may surprise us. A simple habit like listening to relaxing music while we eat can help us feed ourselves in a more conscious, balanced and healthy way. It is highly dependent on full attention and mindfulness. It is, so to speak, a form of concentration on what we do to reduce the pace, to eat more slowly and feel full earlier, to perceive the intensity of each flavor, to delight ourselves through that process so full of nuances and sensations: power supply.

Therefore, don’t hesitate to eat sometime with a good relaxing background song.

9) Promotes meditation:

Learning to meditate is not easy, especially if we usually lead an intense and fast pace of life. So that every time we try to favor that state of relaxation with which to start our meditation session, we don’t always succeed, we don’t always reach that state of calm that helps to relax the body and mind.

Relaxing music can help us. Just look for a suitable space, a comfortable dress, some earphones and let us go.

10 Relaxing music for studying:

Relaxing music optimizes our cognitive processes: we focus more, process information better and capture new data more quickly and effectively. Just as we have already indicated, our brain loves this balanced and harmonious musical stimulus, with frequencies capable of optimizing its most basic processes, keeping it more concentrated.

We don’t exist, therefore, to try it, to take advantage of the magic of this music when we have to prepare an exam or a competition. Another interesting fact that experts in musical psychology report to us is that it is enough to listen to 10 or 15 minutes of relaxing songs or melodies every day to experience certain benefits after a couple of weeks. We will feel greater inner calm, manage stress better and focus more on our daily life. Do you need other reasons to start listening to relaxing music?

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