Instagram Advertising for Beginners

If you ask any social media agency Dubai about Instagram Ads are safe bet for businesses or not, whether it can achieve the goals more efficiently than other social networks.

What Is It?

Advertising on Instagram is a relatively new functionality, since until recently all actions within this social network depended on posts promoted by influencers or in a particular way, and very focused on positioning marketing.

The appearance of advertising has made it possible to leave behind the limitations that were previously presented: it was quite expensive, it required negotiating with third parties and not depending on oneself, a limited audience and no guarantee of results.

How Does It Work?

The main advantages of this advertising model are:

1st. Offers scalable pricing.

2nd. It is an easy-to-use and instant model.

3rd. Provides quality reports to efficiently measure ROI.

4th. It allows you to define the audience very precisely.

In addition, it must be taken into account that Instagram changed how the feed shows: it went from being chronological to being algorithmic and more personalized based on the interests of the users, therefore it is not possible to accurately measure how many followers see your publications.

Types Of Ads In Instagram Ads

There are 5 different types of ads within Instagram advertising:

Photo: This type of ad is the classic photo, in full or square format.

Video: As in the case of photos, you can now upload videos of up to 60 seconds, in full or square format.

Carousel: With this option, Instagram allows the promoted publication to include between 2 and 10 images or videos.

Slideshow Ads: In appearance they are videos, but they are really a sequence of images previously selected by the advertiser in which text and audio can be added.

Instagram Stories: They vanish in a short space of time. They are the main focus of attention for users and the format must be full screen so that they are displayed correctly.

All of these types of ads include a CTA or call to action that will take the user to a relevant link regarding the post.

Goals Of An Advertising Campaign On Instagram

Brand Awareness: the so-called ‘ awareness ‘ is indicated when what you want is to publicize a business, product or SEO Services Agency Dubai.

Reach: The difference between achieving reach or brand recognition is that in the case of reach, the aim is to achieve a much wider audience.

Traffic: it is intended to redirect traffic to your website.

Commitment Or Engagement: To achieve more interaction with your publications and your account.

Video Views: When using a video, carousel, slideshow, or stories, this goal will help the post reach more users.

Lead Generation: It is Very useful to obtain relevant information from users (for example, email) for future advertising actions.

Conversions: it is the best choice for ecommerce, since its goal is for the user to complete a process (in an online store, the purchase).

Finally, to achieve success, it is best to trust a social media media agency Dubai to draw up the strategy of your advertising campaign on Instagram in a customized way.

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