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5 Reasons Why Your Grandparents Need Extra Care

Old age comes with many challenges, which include loss of physical ability and chronic health conditions. As people age, they lose muscle mass, which results in a loss of muscle power. Older adults, therefore, tend to get tired fast and will have problems with standing for long or even walking.

Chronic conditions also abound in old age. Combined with aging’s physical impairments, even simple activities such as holding urine can become a challenge. Such issues often cause embarrassment to the individual affected, which may affect their self-esteem and self-worth. 

You can help your aging grandparents by buying them adult pull on pants to help with their incontinence. While these are just some of the common problems, older people face many more challenges in which they need help.

Why Your Grandparents Need Extra Care

1. Functional Limitations

Your grandparents need help with daily living and personal care. Aging takes a toll on a person, making it difficult to engage in activities of daily living. Things that may seem simple to you, such as shopping, housework, laundry, preparing meals, and home maintenance, suddenly become a challenge. 

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Older people need care more because of the functional limitations of old age. Your grandparents need help with many self-care and mobility tasks such as walking, bathing, dressing, grooming, feeding, toileting, and getting in and out of bed and chairs. 

Many older people want to take charge of their lives, but their bodies are too weak. If you see your grandparent struggling to get out of a chair, you can give them a hand. It may seem like a simple gesture, but it may mean a lot to them.

2. Loss Of Independence Is Frustrating

The loss of functional mobility leads to a loss of independence, which can be frustrating for older adults, especially if the loss is sudden. Sometimes, these changes may be so subtle that they may not be easy to identify initially. 

The changes that come with frailty or onset of debilitating old-age conditions come with emotional and social needs beyond the regular family support. Some older adults may be unwilling to ask for help even when they need it because of the reciprocity balance change.

Older adults may have less to offer in return in the relationship, and they may feel more like a burden. The loss of power brings an emotional response that may manifest as frustration, anxiety, anger, irritability, and even depressive symptoms. 

By providing emotional and psychological support, you will help your grandparents cope with aging changes better. 

3. They Are More Prone To Accidents

Old age comes with a combination of problems that make older people prone to falls. They may have low vision, muscle weakness, and mobility problems. If an individual has chronic health conditions such as low blood pressure, dementia, or heart disease, the risk for falls rises because these conditions can cause dizziness. 

The care given to older adults should involve fall prevention strategies. Falls can be caused by simple things such as objects in walking areas. So when you visit your grandparents, you can help by decluttering the house and making it convenient for them to move around. 

4. They Need Routine Health Care

Old age comes with many chronic health conditions and diseases. Depending on your grandparent’s age, they need an array of nursing or medical tasks such as sorting out their medication and reminding them to take their medicines at the right time. 

Some conditions are complex and require constant monitoring. Due to the cost of hospitalization or the unwillingness to place your grandparents in a nursing home, you may find yourself stepping up to meet their health care needs. 

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At advanced ages, some people may need catheters and other instruments to help them more comfortable. Some medications may also require injection, and with limited functional mobility, this may be a challenge. All these factors contribute to older people needing more care with their health needs. 

5. Cognitive Decline

Aging comes with cognitive decline, which is sometimes worsened by chronic neurological conditions. Such a state renders older people powerless in making critical decisions. This is why your grandparents may need help with decision-making. 

Assistance in decision-making does not mean that you take over their decision-making powers, but instead offer assistance. They should be able to make choices and have their preferences but with proper guidance. 

Some older individuals may be able to make the right decisions but lack the power to execute them, and that’s where they need help. You can help them by executing their decisions, such as helping them make withdrawals from their banks when they need to. 

Some individuals also lack decision-making ability and may need surrogates. As a surrogate, you should have the person’s interest at heart and make decisions that suit their needs. For more health advice visit medicalisland.


Family members, particularly grandchildren, play a significant role in the life of grandparents. They are a source of inspiration and hope. They also offer comfort and companionship during old age. 

The next time you remember your grandparents, visit them or give them a call. Just knowing that someone cares about them can be so comforting. You might not know, but you will add a great amount of joy to their day. 

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