Features and Composition of Guard Tracking System

Currently, the rapid increase in crimes has led to a rise in security threats. Every person, company, or entity is willing to safeguard themselves from the negative factors comprising of both nature as well as manmade. Natural calamities involve fire, earthquake, tsunami, etc., whereas human-created threats such as theft, foul play, mistakes or errors, electrical problems, etc. Therefore, the Security Guard Tracking System is software that comes to the rescue in such conditions to guarantee the safety of capital of an organization.

Guard Tracking System Composition: –

  1. Guard Tracking Reader– It is an operating body of the guard patrol system. Readers include RFID and GPS. The RFID patrol is generally round in shape, round strip pass or column, etc. It can be fitted through the embedded method or screw fixing method.

Lightweight systems can also be used such as scanning QR codes or barcodes rather than heavy and expensive methods.

  1. Tags– Several kinds of tags involve guard id, events, checkpoints, event wallets, virtual tags, time tags, and many more.

With the help of the reader, the software reads tags and communicates information stored in the tag to the other parties including the manager, client, and security guards.

  1. Software– Guard Tour Monitoring Software has three categories, such as desktop, local area network, and wide area network. So basically, it is useful for all genre of people either they work at the office on their computer, working from home at their laptop or is outside the country.

Therefore, the software has a user-friendly interface that is worthwhile to use for nearly everyone. From any sphere of the world, clients can manage the security system of their company without any question regarding it.

Features of the Guard Tour Monitoring System: –

Accountability– The whole system is based on live reporting, so all the actions of security guards or officials are recorded at the moment, leaving no scope for confusion. Because even if the client or the owner of the organization is in proximity from the location and has left all security-related matters to his supervisor, still there are chances of some sort of embezzlement. Therefore, the guard tracking application is the best interface for fixing accountability issues. As the client himself is getting all data on his fingertips about movements of guards.

Easy Management– The guard tracking software is very easy to use for all parties involved. Names of security guards, timings of shifts, checkpoints, arrival, and departure timings, etc., all information is stored in the database by the manager.

He can assign duties to his team and thus can crosscheck all assigned duties to current situations. Even, security guards can select day or night shifts from their phones and the manager will get to know them directly through notifications. The manager can repeat shifts also as needed.

Performance Review– The manager can check the performance reports of all security guards. By comparing them on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis, their incentives or salary can be decided. The appraisal can be also performed by promoting hardworking employees and warning letters can be issued to those who did not work as per prescribed standards.

Incident Reporting– All the incidents on duty can be reported by security guards to managers in real-time by taking pictures of the premise. Moreover, the real-time movement of guards is directly seen by managers with the help of GPS, entry, and exit from all floors, checkpoints, and rooms.

Moreover, the guard tracking technique is a patrol system that is used to help the company and organizations to organize, log and carry out guard tours in their assets which ensures that the officers will achieve their tasks withinpredetermined time intervals.  Therefore, the implementation of a guard tour system will increase performance and efficiency ensuring a high-quality security profile and a superb profile.

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