10 places worth visiting in the United States

When people ask me what is my favorite destination in the United States, I don’t know where to start: I loved the great classics like the Grand Canyon, New York or Yellowstone, and I totally recommend going there, at least once!

But everyone will tell you that, so I looked in my archives, looking for the destinations that really stood out to me.

At the start of the year, while you may be looking for where to go (me yes), here are 10 destinations all over the United States … tested and approved over the past 5 years.


Probably my favorite city of 2016, after a brief stint a few years ago, I took the time to explore this city better: superb museums, a Far West past that rub shoulders with cool neighborhoods, great foodie scene and beer (you do not say it yet?) The weather is nice even in September; it is at altitude not far from the mountains. A cool city that deserves.


Imagining that the sequoias are several centuries old leaves me dreaming… I really liked this Californian park in the heart of the Sierra Nevada. A superb nature combo: forest + mountain. Not to be confused with Redwoods Park , but it is beautiful too (in northern California).


Portland Maine is the other Portland, not the cool avant-garde hipster of the West Coast, Oregon, but the other, the East Coast , the oldest, the most cushy. It is a beautiful port on the Atlantic coast, a small town worth spending a weekend there. All blog readers who have read the article dedicated to this city have, I hope, tasted the best donuts in America, the Holy Donuts of Portland, Maine.


A breathtaking park , often overlooked because we want (rightly) to see the Grand Canyon as a priority . And yet Canyonlands, it is the paradise of the canyon, of the red rock, of the green river which flows at the bottom. Ever since I saw the Westworld series , I promised myself to go back, and this time, with a real 4 × 4 (we almost stayed there driving our daddy’s sedan on the twisty and bumpy roads).


The capital of the United States has a solemn side when one strolls the coast of Congress, the great museums and the White House. But there is also the cute side of Georgetown . I spent 5 days discovering DC with great pleasure, and my only regret is not having been able to walk in the region around: maybe this year? My favorite museum there: the Newseum , a museum on current affairs and recent history. Superb!


One of my best road trip memories: arriving in Big Bend. It’s so far to go, you feel all alone , and the  grandiose landscapes are breathtaking. In the near future, I would like to go back there for a week to hike far, far away.


Again, a great memory of a long weekend for July 4th, a Charleston-Savannah combo  : it’s romantic South American . It had been very hot , and we had been completely disoriented in just a few hours.


I wanted to go to Montana , just because it seemed like a long way off, high up on the map. And then the name, Glacier (pronounced Glèchieure in American English), that makes you dream ! We saw icebergs after a long hike in the mountain, mountain goats in the Rockies , and rolling in incredible scenery .


A huge city , rich in museums, walks, architecture, too delish restaurants .  4 days was not enough to discover the unofficial capital of the Midwest , but it was a nice appetizer. I liked.


This gigantic mountain stands out in the landscape from afar (and even from above : I saw it from the plane), but in fact it is a volcano , which makes the place even more attractive. We loved the atmosphere (the altitude helps you to feel happy I think), and the hotel, like a luxury mountain hideaway.

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