Difference between two massage guns: Theragun vs Hypervolt

Theragun vs Hypervolt – The commonalities

These two devices, Theragun and Hypervolt, are offered to sports physiotherapists in order to replace, partially or totally, the practice of massages.

In practice, their uses are similar to the fact of being massaged strongly and readily replaces the practice of self-massages, a practice that is not very popular but nevertheless important in bodybuilding with a view to prevention. Also easy to use, just place one of these two devices on the area where you feel the most tension to make it disappear or almost as if by magic. So for all people who do not have access to the services of a good physiotherapist will find their accounts on this subject.

Useful for prevention purposes , they are also very interesting for warming up before a weight training session and at the end in order to start again almost like new, having removed the residual “congestion” that there may be in case of training in medium or long series. They are a definite plus for recovery when used between sessions as well

Theragun and Hypervolt comparison in bodybuilding – The differences

Although similar in principle, the Theragun and the Hypervolt differ in many ways in practice.

The first difference is in the “force” of impact. While the Theragun literally hits, the Hypervolt is truly a vibratory device. This is a difference that can really influence your choice.

The second difference concerns the adjustment of the “force”. On the Theragun, it is not possible to adjust it, the only thing that can be done is to move the device more or less away from the target zone so that it is less “brutal”. With the Hypervolt, there are 3 settings that you can adapt according to your needs that you use for recovery, warming up or even to fight against certain muscle adhesions. The “force 3” being still far from the “base” force of the Theragun.

The third difference is in the battery. The Theragun comes with two batteries that only last 45 minutes but recharge at the same time while the Hypervolt has a battery that lasts 6 hours and recharges in 3 hours. Using the Theragun requires more organization.

The fourth difference concerns noise. Where the Theragun makes a deafening noise and is of little use if you exercise indoors or at late hours if you are in an apartment, the Hypervolt is virtually silent and can be used anywhere and anytime.

The fifth difference is in the price. The Theragun costs 200 euros more than the Hypervolt which is admittedly a little less “finished” for my taste but speaking of prices between 400 and 600 euros, it is difficult to justify the price difference as well.

Comparison Theragun and HyperVolt – Which one to choose?

Based on my various tests and experiences, here are my recommendations.

To choose the Theragun :

If you are a tight-knit, unresponsive person with a lot of tension, you will need a “hard” hitting device to combat.

If you are a big build, that is to say exceeding 80 to 85 kg, you will have trouble feeling the impact force, even set to the maximum, of the Hypervolt.

You don’t have “trouble” organizing yourself to always have a charged battery in case you need it right away.

If you train at home and / or are at home (or in a well-insulated apartment)

To choose the Hypervolt :

You are flexible at the base and not tense. You don’t really need to massage yourself regularly to avoid tension.

You are less than 80 kg.

You would like a device that is practical and not having to charge it almost every day.

You want to use it in the room.

Concerning me, the 200 euros price difference is justified at my level because of the strike force I need to really have the effect and the desired effects by its use.

The question of the budget does not therefore come into play because it will be of little use to you, or almost, to buy a Hypervolt if you do not “fit” into the boxes I have just mentioned.


The HYPERVOLT VS THERAGUN, although similar at first glance, meet and correspond to different needs and expectations.

The Hypervolt will suit the majority of the population while the Theragun really reserves for people with a large build and “undergoing” many tensions.

The impact force of Theragun may thus be too brutal for the majority and is really reserved for professionals.

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