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Celebrating Art and Culture in the Emirate of Dubai

Being a host to millions of people that visit and settle every year, it’s safe to say that Dubai is a multicultural hub boasting diversity. However, since it’s an Islamic state, the emirate also falls under scrutinous claims from outsiders that it’s not welcoming or encouraging for art and cultural festivities.

Many people think that things are always strict and in line throughout the region. However, anyone who’s stayed in the emirate for a year can vouch for the diversity and cultural freedom you can practice in the emirate. In terms of cultural relevance and promotion, every art gallery Dubai has serves as a place of learning and achievement.

Apart from incredible events for art that happen every year, Dubai also hosts traditional events that bring about joy for everyone. Regardless of what ethnicity, creed, religion, country or nationality you belong or adhere to, Dubai will have an equally enjoyable event for everyone.

Middle East Film and Comic-Con

One of the events that make UAE attain its reputation as a centre for sub-cultural freedom and diversity is the Middle East Film and Comic-Con. Like other comic cons happening around the world, this one also features some of the most exciting segments that all fans love. Hosting the world’s most famous celebrities and cosplay artists that set the bar high for comic lovers, the event also features discussions and talk shows.

You get the chance to discuss your favourite movies and franchises with not just other enthusiasts and fans, but you can also do it with the stars of the movies themselves. From the cast to the production team, anyone can join the event and be the highlight of the event.

Art Dubai

Previously, Art Dubai was the only art event for artists that was hosted in the UAE. Recently, it was divided into World Art Dubai and Art Dubai to be able to cater to foreign and local artists respectively.

Since the main theme of the event is to encourage future and struggling artists to make an appearance and have a chance to showcase their work for the world, the event doesn’t discriminate. That’s why the local Art Dubai event features artists from the local scene that can make it big in the global market.

Their works are exhibited in one of the many art galleries in Dubai for buyers, enthusiasts, collectors and critics to see.

SIKKA Art Festival

Based on the idea of promoting and providing a platform for contemporary artworks from the rising stars of the emirate, SIKKA Art Festival is another art event that is a must-visit. In 2020, the event took place in March, lasting for the final 10 days of the month.

SIKKA is an event that encourages artists to present their artworks in a variety of museum exhibitions. You also have a 4-member jury that rates all the artworks. which comprise some of the most established and well-known artists in the scene. This jury is responsible for assessing and judging artworks and deciding which ones will go for the SIKKA Festival.

World Art Dubai

World Art Dubai is one of the most anticipated events across the UAE. It features global artists from around the world. All the well-known personalities in all aspects of art gather for the event and make sure to take in the essence of the 3000 works that are presented in 150 galleries across the world. Collectors and buyers are sure to maintain a presence in World Art Dubai as this is the prime time to find remarkable artworks that are sure to be worthy of attention and appreciation.

An aspect of World Art Dubai that sets it apart from the other events is that anyone can be a buyer in this event. Since all the paintings and pieces of art are inexpensive and cheap, everyone is encouraged to try and buy something they like in order to support the artist.

Enthusiasts and artists that are looking to make an appearance or have a tough time finding inspiration are invited to join the event that lasts for the 4 days in April.

Having discussed the events above, it’s easy to say that there’s a lot of art in Dubai. You can be sure to find various events for this year alone to enjoy with your friends and families.

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