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How can I find cheaper medication, and stay safe in the pandemic?

This has certainly been an interesting time to live in, hasn’t it? That, funnily enough, is a curse in old Chinese tradition. “May you live in interesting times” may sound like you’re wishing someone an exciting, happy future, but as recent history is shown, that is rarely the case.

Isn’t it rough enough, with how expensive medications are in the United States anyhow? Having to be imported from overseas manufacturers results in medications being unavoidably higher in price in North America then they are anywhere else in the world. It’s especially bad in the United States, though the reasons behind that aren’t something we want to explore here. There are plenty of cases out there the thoroughly explore this. What we want to talk about are some ways to abate this problem, because there are some small solutions out there.

Things are especially bad right now anyhow, with this ridiculous pandemic making it literally potentially fatal just to go shopping. Now, this sounds a bit like fear mongering, but it is a real risk in high-population areas, every time you go out right now. All of this has resulted in a bigger mess, with medications being harder to come by due to disruptions in supply, severe reductions in staff to man pharmacies, and much more.

So, your medications are even more expensive than usual, and it can be hard to find them. What the heck are you supposed to do now? Well, all you really have to do is check a prescription price online, which will result in strong leads to some simple solutions.

Eliminating a risk is the first step!

First of all, if you can actually order your medication online and have them delivered, you’re eliminating that big risk during this pandemic, because you’re not having to go out. It doesn’t help that drugstores are a magnet for sick people in the first place, obviously.

If everybody ordered their nonvital prescriptions online, and ordered even their vital ones where feasible, this would eliminate a lot of the strain on the supply chain that’s present right now, and the current situation could be abated as well.

Generics are much cheaper, and just as good!

Here’s another thing, if you check prescription price online, you will be presented with

cheaper generic forms of most prescription medications. These will have slightly more exotic, complicated names, but are literally the same exact medication. Generally, they have the same exact dosages, potencies etc. The only real difference is the price, and some minor cosmetic differences when it comes to things like pills, tablets and other things that aren’t liquid in a bottle.

These generics really are the same exact thing, and much cheaper. You’re paying partially for a brand, just like with anything else.

Canadian pharmacies are also much cheaper!

Due to a host of variables, medications are cheaper in Canada. We’re not going to get into why here, just accept the fact that they are. While you won’t pay the price a Canadian citizen pays by ordering your medications through one of these pharmacies, customs and import tariffs being a thing, you will still pay a considerably lower price than you would at your local pharmacy in the United States.

Thus, if you can order a generic form of your medication from a Canadian pharmacy, you’ve done one simple thing to greatly reduce three serious problems in your life. All you have to do is check a prescription price online, and go from there.

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