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5 reasons to choose solitaire rings for your engagement

Solitaire rings are sought after by people for hundreds of years. Because of its simpler and magnificent look, people celebrate it as an evergreen style. Though there are many precious stones in the world, the diamond cannot be replaced by any other gemstones. The solitaire engagement rings are the quintessential engagement style. Many couples want the solitaire rings for the style of choice as they consider it as a timeless style.

Choice of setting

Popular settings for solitaire include prong, cathedral, bezel, and tension settings. The versatile nature of the solitaire diamonds makes it easier to play around with the ring designs. Solitaires go well with any kind of bands like bold, classic, and vintage bands. The bands can be thin, thick, or with any kind of design. Some would like to give extra details to the band by setting similar shaped little diamonds.


The popularity of the solitaire engagement rings is due to their ability to highlight the center diamond. The magnificent look of the diamond is highlighted in the solitaire style of the diamond ring. The important phase of the relationship is the proposing day. During this precious moment, you should put the focus on the diamond by placing a solitaire diamond as the center piece. Engagement rings in Hatton Garden provide you with the different varieties of solitaire diamonds and different styles of engagement rings.


Solitaire diamonds come in numerous shapes. This is the most popular and purchased almost in most of the countries in the world. The round brilliant solitaire is said to be readily available all over the globe. Apart from the round shape, there are many shapes like pear, cushion, heart, emerald, oval, square, and many more. Couples prefer heart-shaped solitaire for the proposing day. Couples are also choosing the pear-shaped solitaire engagement ring because of its unique shape.

Classic look

For people who prefer a simpler design, solitaire engagement rings are the go-to choice. Though it has a minimalistic design, it gives the bride and the groom an elegant look. Solitaire works well for all hand shapes. The sleek design of the ring compliments almost all of your outfit. No matter how big or small is your center solitaire; it gives the engagement ring a stunning look. One more advantage of the solitaire engagement ring is that, due to its simpler design, it makes the ring easy to clean.

Timeless style

Solitaire engagement rings are the evergreen style for the engagement ceremony. No matter in what decade you live in, people can relate to this most classic style. If you have an heirloom ring from your grandmother, you can simply go for it without any alterations or additions. When we think of hatton gardens engagement rings, the first thing that comes to our mind is the amount of choice we get while choosing our ring. It makes the center diamond more prominent, so it allows maximum light to the diamond. This makes the diamond more brilliant and gives it more gleam and sparkle.


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