5 Amazing Hairspray Packaging Ideas in 2021

Hairsprays are best for keeping and maintaining our hairstyles for a relatively longer duration. These hairsprays come in different packagi8ng ideas and styles. The packaging of these hairsprays is cardboard or Kraft. The packaging designs can also include a touch of wood, glass, or plastic, depending on how luxurious these hairsprays are. But most commonly cardboard material is used because these are eco-friendly, recyclable, and almost used by every industry for packaging their products. Different designs can be approached or adopted for these hairsprays to give a more luxurious yet decent look.

Typical features that hairspray or ever product packaging must involve

Women either working or not use different types of hairsprays to nurture their hair and to get a glamorous look to feel good. There is a great variety of hairspray are available with different styles of packaging. The sizes may vary according to the hairspray bottle size. The following features must be considered.

  • must be cost-effective
  • created with innovative designs and style
  • Neat and tidy packaging of the box
  • fast turnaround time for these packaging boxes
  • Shipping and delivery must be on time
  • You can also customize these boxes

Best hairspray packaging ideas for 2021

1.      Shinny gloss paper window partition box

To have a more shiny or glossy look some numerous styles and ideas can be used for hairspray packaging boxes. For a classy look, we can use glamorous medium size black pieces to place small size hairspray boxes. Other ideas may involve using red foiled silver packaging boxes for keeping hairspray boxes.

 If you wish to gift these hairspray boxes you can use linen made boxes with panel hanger hairspray boxes to give a soothing look and feel. Other companies for more sophistication uses UV paperboard made hairspray boxes for decency. Other companies use auto lockboxes with a window that can be designed depending on the sizes of the bottles and we can get a look at the bottles placed inside it. We can also customize these packaging according to our taste and design.

2.      Drawer hairspray party boxes

Ladies are pretty anxious about their cosmetics and one such example is hairsprays and what else matters is the packaging style of these bottles. Because no one wants any sort of leakage from these bottles. We can use a counter display sort of boxes for keeping hairspray or a rectangular shaped box with a handle on top and a small window to get a look at the colorful bottles present inside it. This gives a drawer shape appearance to the packaging and it will look super cool and classy.

3.      Eco-friendly Kraft hang tab boxes

To give these boxes a greener look we can use Kraft boxes for this purpose. With these kraft materials, we can give these boxes a hang tab look. We can create red cylindrical hairspray boxes or tuck end tube boxes to give these long bottles a glamorous look. We use Kraft because it is eco-friendly and has the potential to undergo recycling and can be re-used over and over again. The Kraft material can be disposed of by the customers themselves because it consists of no toxic substance and on decomposition causes no harm to health or environment.

4.      Cardboard boxes

You can use cardboard made boxes also known as green boxes. Now the usage of green boxes has conquered the world. You can use this box for almost anything. As a business right, you can place your products in it and sell them for marketing purposes. You can use these for shipping purposes. For gifting hairspray boxes, you can customize these according to your style and design. Customized green boxes are readily available online and at local shops. These are all business tactics you need to keep your mind and heart open if you wish to succeed in your business. Because every hard work counts.

5.      Customization of hairspray boxes 

When you are not satisfied with the boxes available online or at local shops you can use customization to make up something that truly belongs to your imagination. You can add abundant accessories over it such as a colorful bow or flowers. The color combination can depend on the type of hairspray you have chosen you can also add a small note of thanking over it to make it look more beautiful and classy and appealing look.

You can gifts these by adding different glace papers over these paper boxes or cardboard boxes and can add a logo of your creation. This will add to the beauty of the gift and the hairsprays. So these are the styles and ideas you can adopt in the coming year to get a gorgeous yet classy look on these packaging materials. You can use professional help for creativity and printing purposes and you can help yourself through the internet.

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