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How to take care of your irregular periods during the lockdown period with the proper period care regime

The whole world went through a difficult period due to this pandemic situation. We lost many of our friends, families, brothers, sisters, during this Covid-19. This little virus disrupted our regular life and caused so many problems both mentally and physically. Especially if we talk about women, we all faced so many health problems like obesity, diabetes, and primarily irregular periods. Periods are a regular and healthy routine for all the women but during this lockdown period, the regular cycle got disturbed. No, every woman didn’t face this problem but among 100%, 70% of women went through irregular periods.

Namyaa period care kit

Most of the women know about this problem but do you know why this happened? How can we again bring back our regular period cycle?. Today, we are here to discuss the cause of this problem and how through following a proper period care regime or routine, we can normalize our period cycle.

A regular cycle of menstruation or periods is very important and healthy for our body as it is needed to reproduce. So it is a part of nature, it is very important to have periods but prolonged storage of blood in our body is dangerous for women. There can be many problems that can cause irregular periods like PCOD, genetics, thyroid, obesity, and many more. But in this lowdown, most of the women had irregular periods due to irregular lifestyle, stress, anxiety, and worries, lack of exercise or body movement, unhealthy diet, and unhealthy BMI. With the help of the Namyaa period care kit, you can control your period’s cycle.

Namyaa period care kit is India’s leading hygiene and skin Care Company. It cures problems like irregular periods and troublesome white discharge. It has some scientific recommended formula that has no side effects. It consists of 3 important products that regulate our body, helps in regular periods, and also helps in proper white discharge. It acts as a miracle to women who have PCOD and PCOS.

Namyaa period care kit
  1. Namyaa Anartava for irregular or delayed menstruation- It is an ayurvedic proven syrup that cures amenorrhea which is the reason for delayed menstruation. It has herbal ingredients like kulcha, pippali, karanja, and aloe vera which help in maintaining the proper period cycle.

Highlights –

  • It purifies the blood
  • It has no artificial smell
  • It regulates the period cycle
  • It has no synthetic additives
  1. Namyaa Aarthava kshaya’s herbal formula helps to treat the imbalance of hormones in the body which the main cause of PCOD and PCOS. It also purifies our blood and helps in fertilization. Consuming namyaa arthava kshaya daily regulates metabolism and ovulation. It has herbs like neem, varuna, kanchnar, pipali, and aloe vera which act greatly for irregular menstruation.

Highlights –

  • Fertility gets improved
  • Maintain hormonal imbalance
  • It purifies the blood
  • It maintains natural immunity and metabolism
  1. Namyaa Shwetkanika cures the problem of active white discharge which can lead to itching. This comes in a tabular form which helps in regulating active white discharge. It also gives relief from extreme burning and itchy feeling. It has scientifically recommended herbs like lodhra, daruharidra, jeereka, and ashoka.

Highlights –

  • Balance of hormonal secretion
  • Give relief from the itchy and burning feeling
  • It prevents bacterial infection

Along with these herbal medicines, you have to also maintain the following things to have a better menstruation cycle-

  • Along with the above-mentioned herbal medicines, you have to do regular exercise or freehand workouts.
  • You have to consume healthy foods to get better results.
  • You have to do yoga and meditation for getting relief from all your stress and anxiety.

Menstruation is really tough for us but going through period cramps and irregular menstrual cycle is worst. It can lead to having stones or cysts in your ovaries or abdominal portion. If you have a regular menstrual cycle then it shows that you have a healthy body. A regular period also leads to clear or acne-free skin. Consuming synthetic medicine for regular periods is harmful to your body. Namyaa is a trustworthy Indian company that will definitely work effectively, without any side effects. It will surely help you to have a regular menstrual or period cycle.

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