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Women Of Color

This term ‘Women of color’ holds so much diversity and power to it that it is uncanny along with unimaginable to some extent as well. The rotten mindset that has been living inside of us, probably given to us by our ancestors that you are only beautiful if you are of a certain color. To our surprise, that certain skin tone is defined to be Fair enough.

Heard about the term, ‘fair and lovely’, that is it. Why not ‘Black and lovely’. In the history of mankind, there does not exists a certain example or worldwide witnessed phenomena that is able to prove that being of a specific color guarantees society. Though, examples in corporate and even in the matrimonial site dimension that people prefer women particularly to be of the possible fair intensity in skin color in order to be beautiful.

However, that mindset is nothing but dangerous to our health and for our future generations as well. As, our fate is not in our hands our skin color is not in our hands as well. Every skin tone is beautiful, every skin type is beautiful but what is not beautiful is the assessment criteria on which we rate others beauty on.

Credibility of a person has nothing to do with the skin color of that person. Be it a male or a female, the pressure on being fair is equally upon them. However in some cultures, females holds this very forceful attitude of others to not go out in sun for a long time. Why? Only because their skin tone will get dark.

Well, if our ancestorswere not enough to pressurize us for that thing. The corporate side and the beauty fairness cream making companies are doing their half-done jobs quite well actually. Advertisements where they already enact a fair skin toned girl and photo shop that girl to be a dark and sad one. Who later on, turns to be successful, and happy, particularly because she used a particular beauty cream and got fair in just 15 days?

Sounds pathetic to us as well. But the bitter truth is that, companies as such make these products because customers like us. Buy those products, and a possible solution of these rotten fair culture to be kicked out of our society is to completely boycott those creams.

But will we? Jumping back to the time when our grandmothers use to mix and smash several herbs to make that perfect mixture that overnight make a girl fair. That culture has specifically ruined our mindsets to consider someone’s beauty over their brains and their possible capabilities along with talents.

Essay Writing Service advises you for the next time you get rejected rom an interview apart from being truly denied. Stand up and tell the truth to the interviewer that you are more than just your skin color and your skin color does not have to anything with the sales you can bring about to the company and even to overall operational performance of the company.

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