Here is Why Voice Broadcasting Software for Sales Campaigns Is Your Best Bet

Sales campaign is a necessary evil. If you conduct one then targets will accuse you of bugging them. If you do not then you remain obscure and you miss out of possible leads. That is not all. If you use cold calling or assign campaigns to call centers then you rely on the competence and dedicating of calling agents to generate leads. Instead, consider use of voice broadcasting software for your sales campaigns. 

Typical call center operations

You may assign the task of campaigns to your employees. You may let an external call center handle the campaign. In case of the latter the minimum charge would be about $ 8 per hour per agent. If your product is such that it sells fast then this is no issue. However, if that is not the case and sales are only meager then you will end up losing money on such campaigns. Definitely a no-no.

Other options

Aah! You say, you will choose email marketing and you will use social media marketing or advertise digitally or in print. Here too you are not with a sure-fire solution. Emails remain unread or go directly to trash or spam. Social media is good but it is like broadcasting rather than targeting prospective clients. Advertising can be terribly expensive with diminishing returns and, besides, your ad stays live for only a defined time. Nix them all. Think of voice broadcasting software and SMS broadcasting software for your sales campaigns. 

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Easy as 1-2-3

The trouble with agents who call people is that people must pick up the phone and then talk, which they will do if they are inclined and have the time. Voice broadcasting software works around this little impediment. It is so easy to set up and use: 

  • Record your voice message
  • Pix a list of phone numbers to call
  • Assign it to the IVR and schedule the calls according to region and time
  • Go about your business and the voice broadcast software will do its thing. 
  • People get the voice message and they can respond immediately or later on. It stays there, right on their mobile. They do not feel irritated to receive it as compared to voice sales calls that can be so irritating. 
  • When a person does respond your agent can call them and pursue the lead. 

Can a call center agent call hundreds of people in a particular geographic location at say, between 9 AM and 9.15 AM? The answer is no unless you have dozens of agents on the job. Voice broadcast simultaneously sends out your message to thousands at a pre-defined time, a time that they are likely to be free to listen to the message. You can follow up a voice broadcast with SMS broadcast using the SMS broadcast software Your message has impact. You avoid the “irritation” factor. People do hate to receive cold calls at inopportune moments and such calls can create negative brand impact. 

Bite sized info

You do not have to bundle all information into a voice broadcast. You could break up info into bit sized pieces and send out each in a separate voice broadcast. This has advantages. You can track each type of information and keep track of responses to such information for improved future planning. Targets can respond only to the item of interest to them. It is the same with SMS broadcast. Since it costs so less when you use SMS broadcasting software you can send 3 different SMS for 3 different topics and keep track. 

No human resource load, no infrastructure load, no financial load

Whether you employ actual sales people for field work or call center agents, there is a huge associated cost. With voice broadcasting you do away with all such costs and, in addition, you can selectively target people in specific locations at the time when they are likely to listen and respond. You can send schedule the broadcast and thousands go out through the IVR-CRM-dialer combine. Suppose you want to announce a jumbo Christmas sale with just two days notice and wish to target hundreds of thousands of people? Voice broadcast is the only assured way, along with SMS, to assure reach. 

Since you will have full control and costs are low you can also put voice broadcast software that comes bundled with SMS broadcast software to other uses such as for thank yous, reminders, greetings, surveys and lot more. Just one employee is sufficient to handle the load and you can program the software in just 15 minutes and then go about your other tasks. Use of voice broadcast software has other benefit: You reduce cost of sales and you can reduce cost of products, making you even more competitive. Just make sure to get the software from a competent developer. 

Rana Awais Ghaffar

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