Why is My Epson Printer Showing Offline Status?

Epson is a Japanese electronics company and one of the largest printer manufacturing companies around the world. This company manufactures DMPs, inkjet, laser, scanner and various other types of printers. Epson printer models are compatible with laptops, desktop PCs, smartphones and Apple devices. Epson printers are very fast and robust. Still, there are a few errors which you can get while using this printer. A common Epson printer error reported by many users is the printer showing offline status error.

Common reasons behind Epson printer showing offline status:

  1. Your printer is not configured properly
  2. Missing or corrupted Epson printer driver
  3. The printer is unable to make a connection with the PC/network
  4. The ink cartridge is not installed properly
  5. Empty cartridge
  6. Pending print jobs
  7. Paper Jam

Resolving the Epson printer showing offline status:

Run Printer Troubleshooter

Whenever you get any error related to your printer, you should always run the printer troubleshooter. Printer troubleshooter is an inbuilt tool on the Windows PC which scans for printer related errors and fixes them immediately. Follow the given steps to use printer troubleshooter:

  1. Go to the Start button
  2. Go to Settings option
  3. Tap the Update and Security option
  4. Hit the Troubleshoot option
  5. On the Troubleshoot tab, go to Get up and running option
  6. Choose Printer option
  7. Hit the Run the Troubleshooter button 

Click on your Epson printer and tap the Next button. The printer troubleshooter may take some time to scan for the problem. Once complete, you will get a troubleshoot report on the screen. If the error gets resolved, you can take the printouts easily. If not, seek other solutions.

Check for communication error Epson

You can get the offline status error when your printer is unable to communicate with the device. Communication errors appear when the printer driver is faulty. Your PC needs a printer driver to communicate with the printer. Go to the PC and check your printer driver. In case you haven’t installed the driver then install it immediately. Check for the new updates for the driver. Communication error can occur when you are running on an outdated printer driver. Sometimes the printer driver gets corrupted due to malware infection or when the user has deleted the program files mistakenly. Edit the corrupted printer driver only when you know the proper steps. Otherwise, uninstall the driver setup from your device and reinstall a fresh setup from the Epson website.

Remove the pending print jobs

Your printer can get into an error state when you have lots of pending print jobs. You should delete all the pending jobs and then try to take the printouts:

  1. Right-click on Windows icon
  2. Click on All apps option
  3. Go to Control Panel
  4. Choose Hardware and Sound
  5. Click on Devices and Printers
  6. Now right-click on your printer name
  7. Click on See what’s a printing option

Choose your printer and right-click on the print job and hit the Cancel button. Now tap the Yes button for confirmation and then restart your device. Go to your Printers and check whether your Epson printer is available or not.

Check the ink cartridge

Open the access door of the Epson printer and remove the cartridge. If the ink level is low or the cartridge is empty then install a new cartridge. In case you are facing this error after installing a new cartridge then check whether you have removed all the protective tapes or not. Check the pins and remove the protective tapes and clips. Reinstall the ink cartridge on your Epson printer and close the access door. Now try to take printouts with the printer.

Check the cable and network

For network printing, you need to check the WPS pin on the router. If the pin is disabled then enable the WPS pin and try to make a connection with your printer. For wireless direct printing (Bluetooth) check the Bluetooth on both the devices. If your Epson printer and PC are connected with a USB cable then make sure your cable is in working state. After using all the methods, if you are still facing the same error with your printer then you should ask the Epson team for help.

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