What Are the Essential Qualities of Leather Oud?

Oud or Agarwood is considered a highly precious perfume of the Middle East due to its rarity. This perfume aroma produces a strong and intense aroma and is considered the head of all other fragrances. The Leather Oud is produced from a tree known as genus Aquilaria which belongs to the family of Thymelaceae when it gets contaminated by a particular mould. 

During this process, the trees reject the aggressiveness, which leads to the production of the resin. The wood changes its condition from being soft and odourless to dark and aromatic to curb mould growth. The infection then progresses from the trunk and reaches the roots making the tree dark brown or black.

Woodcutter then cut the pieces of the infected trunk into small flakes which are used to excerpt the resin. The flakes are then dipped in the water for a few days and left to dry for 2 to 3 days. Various advance methods are used to extract the resin, which permits to get oils of different quality. The final product that is produced is an essential oil with a woody scent. The rest of the leftover wood is left to dry to make incense. 

Cultures Where Oud is Widely Used

In all Eastern countries, the Leather Oud hold great significance during the prayer timings, and the aim is to get close to God. Its powerful and strong smell is linked to the divine and in fact, is also known as the “the wood of the Gods”. In Saudi Arabia, people use both oil and incense because of its long-lasting effect.

Moreover, it is widely used in the religious ceremonies of Hindus, Muslims and Buddhists. On the other, people also prefer to use them as perfume for their clothes which expose them to the smoke of burning wood.

In Morocco, Oud is considered a precious and valuable treasure that is set-aside for a chosen few, during religious activities such as the Prophet’s birthday. It is also used during meditation to give a more spiritual feeling with its bold and deep fragrance.

In Japan Ko-Do ceremony Oud is widely used. In this ceremony, the resin and other aromatic woods are burned in braziers. The ceremony evokes the beginning of a lifelong spiritual journey.

Its use in special occasions and ceremonies has made it one of the most expensive fragrances. Its value is the same as of gold and also refer to as liquid gold.

What Are The Qualities Of Oud?

1. It has a seductive woody smell rich in fragrance flavours that range from sweet to earthy with some other elements of leather and spices. It all depends on the type of tree that produces resins and the technique used for extraction.

2. Its strong scent leaves its imprint in your mind as a mysterious and bold one. The Oud wood produces a smell that is full of character, and its fragrance arouses pure luxury and exclusivity. Also, it is referred to as the perfume of the Thousand and One Nights.

3. It is an essential oil that is highly precious and rare and is popular in the perfume sector. One of its essential qualities is the long-lasting enduringness on the skin. It is used by many individuals to create special fragrances and is known as the most precious ingredient amongst the perfume artisans.

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