Why do you require the services of a plumber during the rainy season?

Tropical cyclones are one of Australia’s most dangerous weather phenomena due to their unpredictable nature. In this situation, keeping your plumbing maintenance up to date is critical to safeguarding your house.

With more rain coming, there are a few things you can do to prepare your home. One of which is having an emergency plumber in Gold Coast on standby for your commercial and residential properties. 

Here’s how to do it:

Gutters must be cleaned.

Your gutters do more than just gather water; the most crucial thing they do is keep water off of your roof.

Uncontrolled rainwater can do the following if gutters aren’t kept clean:

  • Your sidings will be harmed by water.
  • Flood the spaces just beneath your roof with water.
  • Water should be forced through cracks and beneath tiles.
  • Excessive pressure might lead to tile cracking.
  • Rain that falls on your roof is collected by gutters and directed to downspouts and stormwater drains.

Examine the downpipes.

It’s also important to check your downpipes to make sure they’re in good operating order and aren’t clogged with garbage or rusty. Check to see if the brackets have gone loose or if there are any rust holes that need to be filled.

Drains clogged

The problem with slow drainage, odours, or gurgling sounds coming from your drains isn’t going to go away on its own. They’ll only become worse if there’s a lot of rain, so call a plumber on the Gold Coast right away.

Organize the garden

When a severe tropical storm exceeds 64 knots (118 km/h, 74 mph), it is classified as a tropical cyclone. If you haven’t secured and trimmed down overhanging branches from the sides, do hedge trimmings, and accumulate heaps of leaves, all of which could land up high on your roof and in your gutters, your backyard can be a dangerous area. Speaking of which, you may also need assistance with gas and thus, contacting gas plumbers in the Gold Coast may be an extremely well-planned decision. 

Roots of trees

While roots entering your drainage system underneath are impossible to see, they are the most prevalent cause of blocked drains in Gold Coast. Before storm season arrives, get your drain CCTV drain camera inspected for roots if they are slow or completely stopped.

Examine your homeowner’s and contents insurance policies.

It’s a good time of year to double-check that you have appropriate home and contents insurance and that it won’t lapse over the upcoming summer months.

Here are some suggestions about what to do if you find yourself in the thick of a tropical storm:

Here are a number of things to keep in mind:

  • Make a safe haven for your pets away from the storm.
  • During a storm, turn off all electrical appliances.
  • Make sure you have a fully stocked first aid kit and a survival kit with extra water, canned meals, flashlights, matches, and candles, among other items.
  • Prepare Your Emergency Kit for a complete list of what to include in a survival emergency kit.

Whether you need emergency plumbing or routine maintenance, we provide a fixed-price call-out service that makes any issues that arise over the weekend or during the holidays manageable.

We recognize that some concerns cannot wait until the start of the week to be resolved. Weekend and holiday call outs are no problem for the crew at Moyle Plumbing.

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