Avoid These 5 Mistakes When Buying Used Turf Equipment

Do you know the one thing that benefitted from COVID-19? Golf! As the pandemic left no option for people but to avoid outdoors, they shifted their interest from socializing to playing golf. After all, golf is the one and only outdoor game in which players can have sheer fun while maintaining social distancing. 

No doubt, a hike in people’s interest in golf is exciting news, but at the same time, it is making the job of golf course managers or superintendents fast and furious. Now they have to consistently ensure the proper maintenance of the golf course, including the areas like tees, greens, rough, and fairways. 

Most importantly, the bustling turf maintenance role is falling heavy on their pockets. Several golf course managers are finding it hard to invest massively in turf equipment. If you are, too, on the list, we understand your concern. But don’t worry; you still have an option to purchase used turf equipment available for sale by top brands. This will surely help you save a desired sum of money. The only rule is to be pretty careful when buying them. 

Here is a list of mistakes that you need to avoid when buying used turf equipment to get your money worth –

Not Doing Thorough Research Before Buying

Buying pre-owned turf equipment is a considerate task. If you don’t spend time and effort researching the details of the equipment, you may end up seizing the unsuitable one. Thus, never ignore delving into the maintenance record of the equipment and ensuring if it has been properly maintained or not. We also suggest you ask for its photos and videos from the dealer.

Purchasing the Outdated Model

You may get a terrific deal on an outdated model, but what’s the use of buying one when you can find its parts to fix the possible technical problems! You will eventually make your investment go in vain. 

If you buy outdated turf equipment for sale, make sure that its parts are available in the market. If they are not, avoid snapping it up no matter how great the deal is.

Choosing Equipment That Does Not Fit Your Need

Though there is a wide range of golf course mowers available on sale, you only have to find one that suits your needs. If you get an amazing discount on used turf equipment, but it is not serving the purpose, there is no sense in purchasing it.

Go for top brands like John Deere, Toro, or Jacobsen golf course mowers in doubt. As the used mowers from the listed brands offer myriad options in features, you can accomplish your turf maintenance task trouble-free. 

Ignoring the Red Flags

Most of the time, you overlook the features of used turf equipment for the sake of a big discount. This is where you go wrong! In the long run, you will end up costing substantial money on its maintenance, spending more than you paid for it. Therefore, trust in your instincts and don’t ignore the red flags you witness or feel while making the purchase.

Below are examples of some warning signs –

  • A no or slow start engine
  • Engine producing a lot of smoke
  • The oil present in the coolant 
  • Abnormal noises during operation
  • Poorly maintained or not maintained at all

Not Taking a Test Drive of Equipment

You cannot sign a paper without taking a test drive of the used turf equipment. This will help you experience the type of equipment you are buying and how it operates. 

If your dealer doesn’t allow you to take a test drive, you are unlikely to find out about the equipment and its efficiency. So, it is better to steer clear of that dealer and invest in the right place.

These are the top mistakes that you should avoid when purchasing used turf equipment offered on sale. We hope that our guide will help you make the best decision and assist you with all your turf maintenance needs in the coming future.

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