What Makes a Good Animated GIF Ad – Tips for You!

If you really want your digital marketing campaign to be successful, you need to use effective animated GIF ads. Animated GIFs have taken the marketing industry by surprise and almost every business is thinking of using them in their marketing campaigns. Including creative GIFs in your marketing campaigns can take your business to the next level. But how do you create effective animated GIF ads? To learn the secrets, continue reading.

Quality matters

If you want your animated ads to capture the attention of the viewers, you need to use quality images and animation on your GIFs. You have to be creative to ensure your GIFs are more appealing to your audience. Besides that, you need to make your animated GIFs look more professional by avoiding strobing effects. Also, you need to be smart on the transition for smoothness.

Avoid too much text

If you want your GIFs to have an impact in your marketing campaign, you must limit use of text on your GIFs. Although your GIF should have some text about your brands, you should limit text to brand name and CTA. Remember you will have seconds to communicate your message. For that reason, use right font, less text and your message will reach the target audience more easily. Take advantage of the seconds you have to convey your message.

Consider fewer colors

If you want to make amazing and effective animated GIFs, you need to be selective when it comes to the use of colors. If you look at a good animated GIF example, you will notice that the creator has used fewer colors. A GIF with a thousand colors can look confusing and no one will get interested in knowing what it is all about. Fewer colors will ensure your text is visible and your whole GIF will be visually appealing to all viewers. That way, your brand’s message will be clear and there are high chances you will get genuine customers thanks to a good animated GIF.

Keep your GIFs as simple as possible

The main aim of an ad is to convey your message to the audience. The effectiveness of an ad depends on how the GIF ads look like and other things like effects and transition. If you want your GIF ad to convey the message and engage the target audience, you need to keep your it as simple as possible. Remember, the viewer doesn’t have all the time; you must convey your message in the simplest way possible. In seconds, the viewer should get your message.

File size matters

The file size of your GIF ads should not be too large. Large files take time to load and as mentioned your ad should load fast to pass the message quickly to the viewer. Therefore, you need to make sure that your GIF file is small. Also, you need think of format to ensure that your GIF are mobile-friendly. Today, many people are using their smart phones when searching for information or products online. Therefore, using animated GIFs that can be displayed on a smartphone is advisable.

Final Words

If you want your marketing strategy to work, you need to include animated GIFs in your campaign.  However, your GIFs must be creative to ensure you convey your brands message more easily. You need to keep your GIF ads simple and use less text. You can check out some of the best animated GIF examples and you will have an idea of a great effective GIF. Remember to add some fun to your GIFs as viewers engage with exciting GIF ads.

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