Top 6 Smart Water Solutions Of 2021

At Aqua Analytics, we are a team of experts that are committed to providing smart water solutions to our customers. We allow water utilities to operate in a more efficient manner by coupling smart water hardware with software platforms. Our services are provided throughout Australia and New Zealand. At Aqua Analytics, our team of experts knows how exactly they can improve operational efficiency in water system by working with our partners and clients to deliver seamless smart water projects. Let us have a look at some of the most popular services offered by us:

1 Smart water networks:

Smart water networks refer to data driven components which help you to operate reservoirs, pumps, pipelines, etc. Smart water networks can be quite difficult to establish and maintain. Aqua Analytics can provide proven and trusted smart water networks for our clients. We take the help utilities take the leap into digital transformation with the latest technology like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data for operating and optimising water networks.

2 Water loss management

As we already know, water is extremely precious for the continuance of future generations. That is why we provide outstanding water loss management services to our customers. Our services involve activities like DMA establishment, step testing pressure management, active leakage control, etc. We continuously measure water movement throughout a network by use of advanced forms of technology and can offer the Leakage-as-a-Service that lowers the cost of delivery to our customers.

3 Active leak detection:

We will help you to identify the location of all the leaks in your water distribution system. We have a skilled team of field technicians who use industry-leading methodologies and technology for active water main leak detection. We will make sure that your water network remains reliable all the time and that we can help you drive down your level of non-revenue water.

4 Smart water metering:

Our smart water metering services are valued and trusted by our customers. The smart watering metering system helps to reduce water revenue. You will be able to save a lot of water and lower the costs associated with water infrastructure. You can also eliminate manual meter reading cost, understand customer demand, focus resources for water loss management and defer capital expenditure.

5 Valve condition assessment:

 Our valve condition assessment techniques involve inspection, evaluation, and the operation of water network valves to reduce the consequence of failures. We have a team of operators who are specialized in valve evaluation and use advanced GPS-enabled equipment. These operations are carried out on a regular basis. This is because broken valves can disrupt your water network system during times of need; such as a water main failure.

6 Real-time pipe monitoring:

We also offer real-time monitoring of water networks by using advanced sensor and IoT technologies. We are able to carefully and instantly assess the health of water networks to enable better decision making. Using smart sensors and IoT network devices, we can help water utilities monitor their pipes in real-time.

Aqua Analytics also provides other technology-driven solutions for the water industry. This includes pipeline condition assessment, smart wastewater networks and smart water and water loss consultancy. Visit our website to find out more about how our smart water solutions can help your water utility today.

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