What is the Section-wise difficulty level for the SNAP exam?

Symbiosis National Aptitude (SNAP) Test is the foremost and dominating entrance exam for MBA colleges and is one of the crucial exams after CAT and XAT. Pursuing a master’s is of the finest choice in terms of studies. Thus, it requires the finest institutes too, and SNAP is one of the ways to enter those finest institutes to pursue your dream of becoming a master. 

SNAP is an entrance exam for around 16 symbiosis institutes in India. Every year lakhs of students enrol to pursue their dream through the SNAP exam that ultimately provides 2,500 students with their place in these symbiosis colleges. Students from all the respective humanities, science, commerce, and even law take this test for those 16 designated colleges. The exam is divided into different levels of General English, Quantitative DI & DS, and analytical and logical reasoning.

General English 

English is one of the crucial languages prevailing in India. It is not only a primary language for studies but a means of communication also. It is the language that we are fed up with at the beginning of our life. Having more than hundreds of languages only in India, English is the language that plays the bridge between different languages.

English being a crucial language, we need to gain a standard level of English for excellent communication and understanding. Thus, it is one of the key subjects in not only SNAP but in all prevailing exams.  Talking about English in the SNAP exam, it is on the general level. It is also named general English, whose difficulty lies between easy to moderate. The level of this subject doesn’t go much harder and holds around 15 questions. This exam holds a strong ground of grammar and is generally based on the basic level of grammar. 

  • The syllabus includes fill-in-the-blanks, grammar, a figure of speech, idioms and phrases, spelling, etc., making it a total of 15 questions varying one or two from all the topics.
  • So, in an overall view, the difficulty of General English lies between easy to moderate.
  • The questions presenting compound words and compound nouns were slightly tough.
  • Answering 10+ questions in this section would be pretty good.

Analytical and logical reasoning

The difficulty for this lane is pretty on the east side. This section checks for the logical and analytical reasoning of the students. It helps for finding out the approach of the student for any problem. The question of these parts comes from different sections or topics which generally are genuine and easy topics and are related to day-to-day basis or on the general level of students’ knowledge. 

It holds 25 questions from the different topics: coding-decoding, number series, input-output, clocks, general miscellaneous reasoning, syllogisms, analogies, etc.

Each topic has different numbers of questions, a few of them have presented a 3 number of questions where a few hold only one, but all of them combine for a total of 25 questions.

  • The exam patterns point that the number series question was challenging but doable.
  • Attempting around 16+ questions in this section would be considered a good attempt.

Quantitative, Data Interpretation, and Data Sufficiency 

This section of the exam is a mathematical kind of section. The difficulty of this section varies from easy to moderate but is considered more on the east side. This section of the exam contains questions from the mathematical world having different topics as the syllabus. This exam covers data analysis, profit & loss, averages, number theories, travel, speed & distance, ratio, number series, coordinate geometry, etc.

This section holds around a total number of 20 questions varying 1-3 from each topic.

Arithmetic has been a strong point of coverage in recent exams. It has thrown a large ratio of questions in recent times. Hence, this topic from the syllabus should be considered one of the section’s main topics. 

  • This section holds straightforward questions.
  • Arithmetic questions dominate the section.
  • Attempting around 15+ questions would be good.

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The difficulties of all different topics are easy to moderate, but this exam is still considered a difficult exam because of the negative marking that this exam holds.

One should be pretty sure with their answers cause if not, it could land you with negative marking and lead your points to a downfall. Usually, 80 questions with an accuracy of 85%-90% are considered a good attempt in SNAP. But this year, the exam pattern has changed, and the number of questions has been reduced to 60. About 38-40 questions can be considered a good attempt.

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