How Do Rigid Packaging Boxes Make Our Product Look Luxurious?

When it comes to choosing a packaging box for our product, we might have a lot of options. But these days, business people prefer to use sturdy packaging. The sturdier the packaging is, the more elegant it appears. These days we encounter various products, and each item has unique packaging. Some sellers prefer to use flexible packaging while others use rigid ones. Now, it all depends on the type of product you sell.

For example, if you are selling an expensive item, you need a rigid box. In the same way, we use kraft packaging for food items. But the question is, how do we know we need a sturdy case for our products? A rigid box is getting used to secure heavy and fragile items. The products that require protection from harsh environmental factors require such packaging. But does such packaging have any effect on our business?

And how these packaging boxes increase the product value. If you are curious, then keep reading. In this article, let us discuss the fact of how firm boxes make our packaging look luxurious?

What is Rigid Packaging:

Rigid cases get manufactured by pressing the paperboard sheets. The thick packaging material then gets molded into the desired shape and style. These boxes are widely known for their sturdier nature. And they also prove to be beneficial in securing the product from harmful factors. These boxes weigh to be sturdier than cardboard boxes. Furthermore, metalized and magnetic boxes are variation of rigid packages.

Usage of Inflexible Packaging:

These packaging boxes are versatile and could get used for any product, particularly fragile ones. A fragile item requires extra protection from external pressure. For example, during shipping, the delicate product could get affected by the weight of other products. But when we use a box sturdier than cardboard, we do not have to worry about anything.

Meanwhile, these packaging boxes also get used for gift items. Think for a moment that you would use flimsy packaging for a present? Such packaging could devalue the product. Meanwhile, sturdier packaging could increase the product’s worth.

Types of Rigid Packages:

To better understand how custom rigid boxes affect our business, we must study them thoroughly. Let us discuss various styles of these boxes briefly.

  • Sleeve packaging and two-piece packaging boxes:

Sleeve packaging and two-piece consist of two parts: the container and the lid. In the case of sleeve packaging, the container goes into the sleeve, which also acts as the top lid. Meanwhile, in the latter case, the lid covers the container. Sometimes, both of these packaging cases come up with packaging inserts.

  • Flip-top magnetic boxes:

A rigid box with a magnetic clasp is known as magnetic closure boxes. These packaging cases are also manufactured by compressing the paperboard sheet. But the addition of the magnet increases its value.

  • Metalized packaging:

Metalized packaging is also commonly known as silver foil or gold foil boxes. As implied from the name, these boxes get customized with metalized foil. In these modern times, every person looks for something unique where their product would get highlighted. In this case, metalized packaging boxes are the thing everyone looks for.

Features of these Boxes:

Let us discuss the astonishing feature of stiff packaging.

  • Durable:

Rigid packaging is known for its firm nature and durability. You must have noticed that when we purchase an expensive product, the packaging lasts longer. And such packaging is sturdy enough to stay new for many years. Hence it keeps the product secure for a longer time.

  • Organic:

If packaging happens to be non-organic, we could witness our downfall. Packaging is supposed to bring ease to our life. And that is the reason why we could see the variation in packaging boxes. But when we use non-organic packaging, it affects our lives negatively. It harms the environment. But how exactly does it do so? To answer this question, first, let me tell you what exactly is non-organic packaging.

A packaging that does not break down with time. And, they also emit harmful radiation when coming in contact with sunlight. And some materials even emit radiation continuously. Now, use packaging that not only secures our product but also helps save the environment and wildlife.

  • Luxurious and elegant:

Imagine visiting a shop and noticing a newly arrived product in the market. From some distance, the packaging is serving the looks and making the product look elegant and fancy. But when we pick the item from the shelf, the packaging feels inept and flimsy. That would be the moment when we place the product back on the shelf because all the excitement has gone away. But when we use firm packaging, we indirectly force the clients to purchase the product.

  • Customizable:

If your packaging boxes are not customizable, then how do you plan on customizing the box? A personalized case makes our packaging more attractive and easy for the client to recognize our brand. The packaging box gets customized with various techniques, and each one of them varies in different manners. For example, each method requires changing machinery, procedure, equipment, and ink.

Likewise, every technique gives a different appearance, texture, and look to the material. Due to the customizable nature of the rigid box, we could personalize them to our choice. And can even carve in our brand logo with the process of engraving.

  • Serve the looks:

Rigorous packaging is widely getting used all over the world. These are the choice of every seller that wants to highlight their product instantly. But the only problem is that they could not get used to every product. They should only be used for a fragile and expensive item as the box itself costs more than a cardboard one.

Many luxurious brands sell their product in a sturdier box, and the reason is simple: to increase the item’s worth. These custom boxes created with organic paperboard overlapped with fabric serve the looks. Now get yourselves the rigid boxes and give a fancy look to your products.

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