What are the Top Activities School Leaders Should Do to Support Staff and Students

Teachers play a crucial role in the education of our children. They ensure the students succeed through imparting knowledge, encouraging them to pursue their interests, and moulding them into all-round disciplined adults. They are the backbone of any educational institution. When the pandemic hit at the beginning of the year, they had to quickly adapt to the changes and find ways to ensure students receive education from their homes to avoid the spread of this deadly virus. Like the professionals in other fields, teachers are also dealing with the aftermath of this pandemic, such as job losses, loss of family and friends, or mental health problems like depression and anxiety. As schools prepare to reopen officially for students in Dubai, it is vital for school leaders and management to offer support to the teachers as they continue to guide the students.

How can the management offer support to the teachers?

  1. Communication

After everything that has transpired in the world, communication is a vital tool. Inform the teachers about the new changes at the school. When they have all the information, they will know what to expect as schools reopen. Inform the teachers what their roles will be in ensuring that all students remain healthy through the learning process. You can communicate through email or virtual meetings to ensure everyone is safe. The dubai international school sends out emails, holds virtual meetings, and posts website announcements to make it easier for the teachers and students to understand the importance of adhering to the Covid-29 restrictions.

The school management can also consult and ask for the teachers’ input about maintaining health safety for the students. The teachers can bring in new ideas that will facilitate the students’ safety as they resume classes. When teachers feel like their leaders listen to them and care about their opinions, it encourages them to keep working hard for the school’s success.

  1. Motivation

The pandemic has been stressful for everyone. Many people continue to deal with mental health issues and health issues as a result of the pandemic. School leaders need to take some time to check in with the staff members before schools in Dubai start to reopen.  You can hold weekly meetings to find out how everyone is doing, organise wellness retreats, or give them time off from the virtual classes by creating a flexible teaching schedule. When teachers can find time to decompress and work on their physical and mental wellbeing, they are less likely to experience burnout in school.

You can also encourage your faculty members to look forward to school reopening by maintaining their salaries or increasing them if it is possible for your budget. The pandemic took a financial toll on many people; therefore, paying them what they are worth will give them a sense of appreciation from the school. They can focus on training the students without worrying about finances.

  1. Training

When schools reopen, things will not be the same; students have to wash the hands or sanitise regularly, undergo daily temperature checks, and maintain social distance between each other. These regulations are new to the students, teachers, and other support staff. Therefore, the school can organise training programs for the teachers a few weeks before schools reopen. The training will help them understand the new regulations at school.  The teachers also learn how to guide the students while they adjust to the new way of learning. They will know how to communicate and answer any of the questions from the students. The changes that came with this pandemic are foreign to everybody, and teachers may not have all the answers to the students’ questions. That is why prior training is crucial for the transition.

  1. Technology

If there’s one thing the pandemic emphasises, it is the importance of technology in the modern world. Although everyone in the country stays in the confines of their home to reduce the spread of the virus, learning can still go on virtually, friends and family can interact, and life can go on as usual. The new inventions and technological advancements make it possible for people to continue with their daily life.  International schools in Dubai, such as GIIS Dubai, continue to benefit from virtual classes. That is because the school management emphasised the importance of technology since the inception of the school. The students and teachers are conversant with virtual schooling, and they continue to use it seamlessly during the pandemic.

Therefore, when schools reopen, the management can create ways to incorporate technology into the curriculum and offer training to all the faculty members. Technology is relevant for modern learners and educators because it is present in all aspects of our lives.

GIIS Dubai offers regular training and support to faculty members to improve their wellbeing, enhance work proficiency, and improve student performance. Teachers gain motivation to increase productivity, create a comfortable environment for the students, and commit to helping students of primary school in Dubai to succeed when they receive support and encouragement.  The mission of the school is to produce students who are productive and all-round global citizens. The GIIS mission can only be made possible if the faculty members are at their best.

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