Top 5 Out Of Blue Things Anime Fans Want To Happen

  1. Vegeta surpassing Goku

Even though both Arch-rivals have fought countless battles against each other in the Dragon ball series, even defeated each other at multiple occasions but there is one thing that Vegeta fans would certainly love to see Vegeta surpassing Goku. It’s more like Goku unlocking levels while Vegeta just follows the mere shadow of Goku. Goku is a talented chap and his emotions give him strength whereas Vegeta’s source of all powers comes from his hard work and sheer determination. So, on the ground’s of that, it gets more necessary for him to step out of Goku’s shadow and do something differently.

  1. End to Meliodas’s infinite reservoir of powers

Every Arc, Every story line-up unveils more powers of Meliodas, it’s like he swooping powers from a vast full of provided ocean. He was already a monster when the series first started but as the series went on Meliodas’s history kept on unfolding and so did his levels of powers. His affiliation with the demon clan made him even stronger than the demon king himself. God! It’s not like that it doesn’t excite me seeing him powered-up and all but still there should be an end to this.


  1. Ash to grow up

Ash! Ash! Ash! Oh! Ash when would you grow up buddy? It’s been like ages since when we first came across one of the blockbusters of a show and most popular among the kids of 90, Pokémon. Guess what I still watch it whenever I get bored and I’m in the twenties! One of the things that irritate about this series is Ash’s age. Years back when the series started Ash was still an aspiring boy of ten and at present, this dude is still a gobsmacking freaking! at the same age. There is a theory that ash is still in the Coma after his clash with the Spearows and all his adventure are actually happening in his dream. Now God knows, what really happened!

  1. Someone squash Saitama

Please, it’s my ardent request, Can someone squash Saitama? Here 10 $ for that, no 100$ take my money and please put on a great show. Damn! HOW COULD SOMEONE BE SO POWERFUL!! When I first saw Saitama I thought he is just a normal bald chap, but when he defeated a monster with just one punch I literally was amused at first but thought it was a fluke but this sedulous thing carried then only I understood the actual ploy of One Punch Man.


  1. Ace to return back

I would certainly rank this 1 in my top 5 list. Anyone who once in their lifetime had watched One piece would certainly know who Ace really was. He is the most loved character in the Anime universe, despite having fewer screen shows but the portrayal of his character and his uncertain death justify many fans in the universe numb and grief-stricken. I don’t about others but I really want him to incarnate again. Who knows, there might be a way for that to happen

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