Top 10 Romantic Things to Do in Sicily

You are probably thinking about how little you know about Sicily, much less Italy, or even Europe as a whole. It matters not. A little research, a little mystery, and the desire to rekindle your love with some romantic adventures are all you need. Just plan your getaway and book finnair reservations online and save up to 40% off on every booking.  So, please sit back and let us guide you through some of the most memorable and romantic concepts Sicily has to offer.

 Take a Trip Down Sicily Way

Sicily is a place of history, charm, myth, and legends and is ideal for romantic adventures for couples. From the incredible beaches to the island getaways to the open-air restaurants, if you are looking for something that exudes romance with every cell, Sicily is ready to take on the challenge of refreshing your flow of love.

 Still not convinced? Well, let us paint the picture for you:

 1) The Turkish Stairs

While Sicily is famous for its beaches, none holds a candle to the Scala Dei Turchi, translating into Turkish Stairs. This is an incredible spot to swim or take a walk at sunset before visiting the Valley of the Temples. A truly breathtaking experience for singles, but even more so for couples.

2) Marzamemi

Well off the beaten path but adored by lovers of all ages, this destination is best if enjoyed with the love of your life. After spending a day on the gorgeous sandy beach, take a stroll through the promenade overlooking the bay. It is a perfect place for romantic adventure stories to tell your grandkids.

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3) Cefalu

A small fishing village with clear waters and colorful boats, this is a common picture when guides wish to boast Sicily’s beauty to tourists. But that does not change that it is a very charming place to visit. It has narrow streets full of shops and plenty of restaurants to take your sweetheart.

4) The Pearl of Sicily

On the east coast of Sicily, Taormina is known as the Pearl of Sicily for its unbelievable views. From there, you can take in the wonder of the plain of Catania, Etna, and Isola Bella, or “Beautiful Island”, which is the name of a small island right off the coastline below Taormina. But go in the off-season. It is very touristy for most of the year.

5) Etna

If you met your love on one of the best dating sites and they said they love volcanos, they will be overjoyed when you take them to Etna volcano, which is still active. All the best romantic adventures involve a little danger, but we promise it is mostly safe. To get the full experience, hire a guide.

6) Selinunte Temples

As with many temples, this is a hot spot for archeology nuts. And if you and your partner are crazy about all things ancient, you absolutely must visit this historic site. There are several to see, and the site is split in two, so make sure if this is on your list of romantic adventures to do, you bring quick transportation to get you from one site to the other.

7) Torre Salsa Nature Reserve

For a couple that loves nature in all its splendor, take a 20-minute drive down a dirt road and park at the Torre Salsa Nature Reserve. While hiking through this area, you will witness the beach that is huge and often unknown to many, and you will have plenty of privacy for a romantic picnic. Just mind the warnings; never leave valuables in your vehicle.

8) Trapani

With these romantic adventures, hours of operation may be a factor. Trapani is the starting point of three points of interest, although not well-known to tourists. The first is the medieval village of Erice, followed by the Temple of Segesta, and finally, a short boat ride to the Aegadian Islands. To do all three will take most of a day, so plan accordingly and have fun.

9) The Heart of Sicily

Located below Sicily’s heart, the town of Enna is known comically enough as the Navel of Sicily. It is the only location without access to the sea, although within its borders is Lake Pergusa, the only natural lake on the island. There are plenty of romantic adventure stories that have begun in Enna, with its castles, its views of Etna, and its racing circuit on the shores of Lake Pergusa.

10) Palermo

We put the capital last so you would have a reason to get out and experience this lovely country. But if you do not wish to venture but prefer to spend your time in the romantic adventure hotel of your choice and order room service, Palermo is a good option. However, if you do venture beyond the bedroom area, you must see the Norman Palace, Massimo Theater, and of course, the Palermo Cathedral. They are incredible and must be seen with your own eyes.


If you say that you are on romantic adventures, this place will definitely blow your mind. Just plan your romantic getaway and book a flight ticket with AirlinesMap. The most choosable online platform for booking cheap flights to anywhere. And explore these great spots just for couples. Additionally, you might ask for their romantic adventures opinion. Telling them you wish to enhance your love and passion, they will understand right away. Love and passion are significant in Sicily. Have you ever taken a trip to reignite your fire for your special someone?

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