Top 10 Characteristics Of Residential Security Guard

Hiring residential security guards can be overwhelming when there are so many companies providing such services, and you don’t know what to look for. If you don’t know anything about it, don’t worry, we have jotted down top characteristics that can help you in finding the right security guard. 

Good Verbal Communication

Firstly, a professional security guard possesses the ability to communicate effectively. On a daily basis, they have to interact with the residents with the aim to maintain order. It also helps in developing a strong relationship with the residents and handle tricky situations.

Proper Body Language

Secondly, a security guard needs to have perfect posture, powerful eye contact, speak clearly, and thoughtful actions. These features are of perfect body language that can be used to build credibility among the residents. Also, this demonstrates their authority and conveys things without uttering a single word.

Physical & Mental Fitness

This is a crucial aspect that all security guards need to have when on foot patrol. Why? It is because they spend a considerable amount of their time walking to ensure the security is of optimum level. Further, it also helps to efficiently respond to the incidents without being exhausted from previous patrols.

Keen Observation Skills

Further, criminals intend to create chaos in disguise. This is where residential security guards come to the rescue. They spot events the slightest of issues and minor signs that can cause mayhem. More importantly, they apprehend the difference between an unintentional incident and a lethal attempt. So it is a must that security guards possess these skills to create a safe and better ambiance.

Critical Thinking

In addition, one of the vital characteristics of the security guard is to be able to quickly assess the situation. In order to achieve that, they need to have full control over their emotions. They are required to:

1. Stay calm

2. Be assertive

3. Mindful

So, with these qualities, they can work under immense pressure. This permits them to devise the best course of action to mitigate the disruptions and avert negative outcomes.

Written Communication

Reporting the incident in the document and sharing it with the client is another important characteristic. They need to create reports that are simple, clear, and entails all the important facts. So these reports can be shared, and if need, any necessary actions can be taken.

Honesty & Integrity 

Honesty and integrity are essential that a security guard needs to possess. Every security guard company that hires them makes sure that proper security background checks are done. After all, all security guards need to provide secure access to the building and to protect the residents from all sorts of crime. They possess special access codes, sensitive data, and master keys. In this regard, honesty and integrity is a must.

Conflict Resolution

Confront and handling aggressive individuals is one of the most challenging tasks of the security guards. They need to know how to de-escalate the situation using appropriate techniques. So they can work in a way that helps in minimizing the security threat levels and providing an overall better conflict resolution. Whenever they are faced with a threat, they need to offer a resolution using non-violent tactics. So, this involves:

1) Listening to the threat

2) Acknowledging the issue

3) Creating areas of agreement

4) Demonstrating empathy

5) Clarifying the threat

Ability To Multitask

Lastly, every residential security guard needs to divide their focus in several ways in order to deliver remarkable security guard services. So, the responsibilities of the security guard include:

1. Observing and devising regular observation reports

2. Monitor alarms and cameras

3. Check all guests or visitors credentials

4. Check all access areas

5. Performing security checks

6. Patrolling property premises

So, in a nutshell, they should have the ability to conduct multi-tasks.

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