The Four Core Components of MBA Dissertations

MBA dissertations are one of the best ways for management students to temper their skills. However, their extensive and complicated nature compels many first-timers to look for professional MBA assignment writing services. Although these services offer first-rate solutions, they often burn a giant hole in the pocket.

This article attempts to help new researchers by presenting a quick review of the four core components of an MBA dissertation.

  • A detailed dissertation proposal

The research proposal is a critical part of the dissertation writing process that serves as the road map towards crafting the perfect dissertation.

  1. The dissertation proposal showcases the thought process and preparation of a researcher.
  2. A dissertation proposal must inform readers about the primary sources of data and choice of research methodologies shortly and sweetly.

However, if you are struggling to develop a good proposal, it’s best to seek some expert writing assistance from MBA assignment writing services.

  • A distinctive abstract

The next vital component of any dissertation is the abstract.

The abstract offers a glance at the complete research in brief. It is a concise summary of the dissertation and delivers essential information without going into the specifics.

  1. The abstract should contain the primary aims and objectives of the dissertation.
  2. It should mention the key research methods used to produce results along with the results themselves.

Keep the abstract short and brief within 350 words. It is best to write the abstract after the whole dissertation writing process to ensure its accuracy.

  • Well-researched literature review

 A detailed literature review is an indispensable part of every MBA dissertation.

The literature review delivers the big picture. It shows how the current work fits into the greater body of research.

  1. A good review must be a critical analysis of relevant research literature. The analyses must focus primarily on their outcomes and methods.
  2. Writers need to show their understanding of the whole process by identifying gaps in the literature and showing how the current work addresses and builds upon previous researches.

A generic literature review is typically of 3000 to 4000 words. Refer to a variety of information sources to make your review rich and deep.

  • Perfect research design and meticulous data analysis

The success of a dissertation lies primarily in the choice of research methods and resulting data analysis.

  1. The selection of research methods must be as per the research aims and objectives. The writer must justify the selection to readers in a persuasive manner.
  2. Analysis of research findings should be based on the original research questions. Authors must also present all data and analyses logically and coherently.

An effective research design and in-depth analysis are two of the most critical components of an MBA dissertation.

That concludes this article. Go through it once again if necessary, and follow it well during your dissertation writing process. All the best!

Summary: MBA dissertations are extensive and challenging academic endeavors. They require hard work, copious amounts of research, and acute analytical abilities. This article highlights four core components of MBA dissertations and offers some writing tips for new researchers.


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