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Tips for Designing the Bathroom of Your Dreams

No homeowner should neglect to maximally lux up their bathroom as it’s the most used and important room in the entire home. Nowadays, there are numerous design ideas to totally revamp your bathroom and make it chic and stylish. No matter whether you merely wish to replace dated fixtures, add new installation, or completely redecorate it, by implementing some of these tips you can create a bathroom you have always dreamed of. Let’s take a look at some of the most fantastic remodeling ideas you can try out to create a dreamy bathroom. 

Switch to modern bathroom accessories 

From storage compartments to rails and other small amenities, the easiest way to create a dazzling bathroom is to start small and grow big. The reason behind this tip is that it represents an easy and lucrative way to glam up your bathroom. You can place sophisticated storage boxes, opt for open shelving, change the towel and toilet roll rails for vintage copper ones, and insert a classy sprucing mirror with an awesome frame. Ditch the basic vanity unit and switch it to a new fancy one. 

Insist on quality essentials 

A dream bathroom should not only look exquisite, but it should work well and be built to last. For that matter, it’s vital to get quality bathroom bidets, for example, and other essentials such as a glossy white washbasin and a free-standing marble shower or bath. Only by using good-quality pieces that have a meticulous plumbing system, you can rest assured that there won’t be any mishaps with the main item in the bathroom. By having, for instance, simple gleaming white porcelain fixtures, a top-notch bath, and a bidet that can stand the test of time, you can rest assured that you would have an enjoyable room. 

Install extravagant lighting fixtures 

One of the nifty hacks includes adding meticulous lighting fixtures to your bathroom. Not many people reckon that intensifying one part of the bathroom with appropriate lighting can do magic. One option is to illuminate the right areas and, for instance, put focus on the shower to simply outline its curves. Plus, to create a dream-like bathroom you can enhance some parts of your bathroom by placing glamorous ceiling fixtures such as a chandelier. It won’t look too elegant, on the contrary, with extravagant lighting you would make a plain room look beautiful. 

Revamp the tiles 

If you have more money to spare, another way to design the bathroom of your dreams is to modernize the tiles. This may take a lengthy renovation project, but it would be worth your time and money. Tiles play an enormous role in the overall bathroom design, and if you wish to make a statement, you should modernize them. Go for multi-colored tiles or opt for bold patterns and chic curves and molding. What’s more, you can add vivacious wall paint such as royal blue or plum, and then contrast the tiles with elegant off-beat white or sheer golden. Add a sprucing vanity and lovely mirror and you have a bathroom made for royals

Modernize the cabinetry 

Add your personal touch by placing a modern vanity with shapely legs or curvy feet made from lush wooden material. Bathroom cabinetry should be practical in its use, but the apparel of such bathroom addition can significantly transform the room. Most homeowners opt for double-sink vanity cabinets or choose custom storage hutches and wall-mounted cabinets that can also look luscious. It can be a tough choice because there is an abundance of cabinetry options to choose from, so go for those you have envisioned.

Design a spa-like room 

If you aim to have a bathroom where you can utterly unwind and feel like you’re on a 7th heaven, then you should have it custom-made. Choose your favorite wall paint, have it waterproof, install frameless glass doors for a walk-in shower, place amazing hand-help showerheads, and go for ceiling-mounted rain shower showerheads that would soak you from above with marble tiles. Go all in and replicate the spa-resort experience in your dream bathroom. Don’t hesitate to place a bombastic mirror with a metallic or rustic frame for complete sensation. 

These expert tips can certainly help you design a bathroom you have always dreamed of. Read them through to get more inspiration, but don’t hesitate to incorporate your personal touch to get the serenity and elegance you long for.


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