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User-Friendly Bathroom and Kitchen Designs for Disabled

Have you ever thought about what will be your reaction if you regain your independence? If you are dealing with a disability and need help in bathroom and kitchen activities, that might be difficult for you. 

But, some companies offer outstanding services and mobility equipment that help you fight your illness. Not only for the disabled but the senior people of your family also take advantage of these services.

Major Home Adaptions for the Disabled

Disabled people need help in every part of the home, and for that, you have to build an accessible home for them. There are a lot of modification services, but in this piece of writing, we will discuss the significant two modifications that include, Bathroom and Kitchen Modification Services in New Jersey. 

So, let’s explore these modifications one by one to have a complete understanding of them.

Handicapped Bathroom Modifications

Once you have decided to make specific changes in your bathroom, then, first of all, you have to pay attention to the Bathroom Design Services for the Elderly. Because if you have a complete map of the design, it would be easy to implement those changes.

A bathroom is where people need more assistance because when water runs out, it becomes risky. This is the reason why people fall in the bathroom and leading to severe injuries. So, the following are the major bathroom modifications you need.

  • Walk-in Tubs and Walk-in Shower

Walk-in tubs and showers make the shower activity easy for the disabled and senior people of the family. You can easily walk in the tub or shower and don’t need to climb over the sides to get into it. 

These showers increase the accessibility of disabled people inside the bathroom. They can quickly and safely take a bath inside it without the assistance of any other person. It is also convenient for wheelchair users.

  • Handheld Showers

One thing to keep in mind is that you should install the faucets near the shower so that they can easily access them. For this purpose, you can install handheld showers for the disabled, in which they can approach them from a seated position and don’t have to move towards it. 

  • Grab Bars

Another essential modification is the installation of grab bars. Apart from the other changes, it is one of those substitutes that you can install anywhere in your home. But, people typically use them in the bathroom. 

A bathtub should have easy access and palace every control near the tub to prevent any accident. For this purpose, you should install grab bars all around the bathing area.

Now, you might be wondering what grab bars can do? Grab Bars for the Elderly to provide the disabled people with the support they need in the bathroom. For instance, if they need help while sitting and standing, a grab bar is all you need.

Moreover, if you or any of your family members lose their balance while walking, then in that situation, a grab bar will help them to maintain support and provide them with stability. 

The modifications, as mentioned earlier, are the essential changes you need in your bathroom. 

Let’s get into Kitchen Modifications.

Accessible Kitchen Modifications

The kitchen is another critical area that needs disabled modifications. Because, if you’re dealing with some illness and live alone, you have to do something for your eating. Therefore, making the kitchen accessible is essential for disabled people. 

The purpose of kitchen modifications is to remove obstacles from the lives of the disabled to cook their meals quickly. Making unique, creative, and valuable solutions for the disabled will empower them to use the kitchen more independently. 

Major kitchen modifications are as follow;

  • Roll Under Sink

When you are making changes in the kitchen, then keep in mind every aspect of it. Making the kitchen accessible means making it convenient for wheelchair users as well. 

For instance, if you place sinks, shelves, and countertops on height, a wheelchair user cannot reach that. They will find it difficult, and if they try hard to get that might cause them harm. 

Therefore, always go for the roll under the sink in which the legs of the person who uses a wheelchair go under the table and they comfortable manage to cut the vegetables or wash the dishes. 

  • Lower Mounted Kitchen Cabinets

A kitchen is a place that people cook, store their groceries, and spend some family time together. But, if you have a person with special needs in your home, you should make your kitchen accessible for them to enjoy those moments. 

One of the best Kitchen Cabinet Modifications is to install the cabinets and other storing areas on an average height. These cabinets should not be on top and also not very low. Because if a person is dealing with a back issue, then lowering can harm him. 

Even a wheelchair person cannot reach higher, so make everything in their reach from a seated position. 

All of these modifications will turn your home into an accessible home. In addition to this, whether we are renovating the bathroom or kitchen, we take care of the appearance of both places. So, you get functionality and style all-around your home. 

Closing Remarks!

To sum up all the discussion above, we can say that if you are looking for the best home modification services in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, then choosing SPN Construction Mobility is the right decision. 

We have a friendly team who patiently listens to the clients and their needs and then suggests the best accessibility solution. From the selection to the installation, we ensure everyone is working great in giving you a perfect accessible home. 


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