Three Benefits of Coconut Wax Candles

Today, pretty much any oil can be transformed into a wax, which is why we have a myriad of options for candle making waxes. With a wide range of waxes to pick from, why do you think that coconut wax is the perfect option for a candle blend?

Coconut wax is environmentally friendly unless the commonly used paraffin wax. It is a sustainable resource that doesn’t rely on fertilizers or pesticides for growth. Coconut wax candles have an exceptional scent throw and provide clean-burning, which means that they do not emit any toxic chemicals while burning. Coconut wax is also one of the slowest burning waxes, which means that your organic coconut candle wax will last about twice as long as a regular candle.

There are many benefits of using coconut wax for making candles. Here we have discussed a few of them.

  1. Coconut Wax Is Renewable

You are probably aware that paraffin is not a renewable or sustainable wax. It is derived from petroleum fuels, and it comes with many issues. Some of the major concerns with paraffin wax are the harmful fumes, thick black soot, and the fact that it comes from a nonrenewable source – fossil fuels that lead to global warming.

While paraffin is one of the least environmental-friendly waxes, many other available waxes are not that great for the atmosphere either. For instance, palm oil provides a relatively cleaner burn but is still harmful to the environment. This is due to the large-scale forest destruction that is usually done for setting up palm oil farms.

On the contrary, coconuts are harvested by hand and do not need fertilizers, pesticides, or any other harmful chemicals for growth. There is no need for any heavy-duty machinery. While all candle making waxes have some drawbacks, organic coconut candle wax is one of the most sustainable options out there and is also supported by institutes like the Rainforest Alliance.

  • Coconut Wax Has A Better Scent Throw

Even though a renewable product might make handling with a sub-par candle useful for some individuals, the magnificence of coconut wax is not restricted to just that. It can hold a great deal of scent – as high as 12%, making it an excellent pick for scenting with both essential oils and fragrance oils.

Apart from holding a great scent, coconut wax also offers an excellent hot and cold throw. When a customer opens up the jar of coconut candle to see what it smells like, they will get a prominent fragrance of the candle and, as a result, will be better able to make a purchase decision. If you are after a potent fragrance that fills up the room when it’s lit, coconut wax is certainly the way to go.

  • Coconut Wax Is Clean Burning

No one likes soot, and therefore, a smokey candle is never a positive trait. Also, some candle waxes, like paraffin, can lead to many smoke-related health problems. When lit, candles that do not burn clean can emit a great deal of harmful fumes, including volatile components that can exacerbate symptoms of asthma and migraine. As a result, it is also advisable to go for a candle that guarantees clean burning. Coconut wax is the best option in this regard as it offers slow-burning and is also nontoxic. It has one of the greatest burn times, and it never emits any soot.

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