If you are willing to have a bird who can talk, a Quaker parrot is the one you’re seeing because parrot Quaker training is simple. It is a fast learner, grows a bond with the owner, and loves to be around folks. Outcomes would be well if just one fellow of the family would teach a parrot how to talk. Even so, you can listen to the bird copying the other fellows of the family as well. Here, we have a green quaker parrot for sale with whom you can socialize and talk.

Have you seen a Quaker parrot closely? It is an average-sized attractive parrot, rising to around 1 foot in length. A Quaker parrots’ upper part is bright green, its chest and face are colored white to grey, though as years have gone by and upbringing has taken place, the colors have altered a bit.

The family’s pet parrot

Two things can define this parrot: loving to its owners and very calm. This makes it best for little family fellows. Bigger parrots on the other hand might not be since they become violent when mad.


Initially, these Quaker parrots were green and white but since the class changed during the years, and due to upbringing in captivity, there is a range of color mixture and many shades, too.


An energetic parrot likes to play around with toys, mainly if he is home alone or when there is no family person available to play with him. A hiking gym, the ones with bells is a good case and will certainly keep him smiling for a very, very long time.


Well-known for their sweet and calm habits, mainly if they have been hand nurtured from an early age, they make a great addition to the family. Faithful to one person, or can be great with kids with lots of observation, and will agree to take others in the family if a way of social communication is well-known early and sustained. Their skill to talk is amazing, and with proper training, they can often reply with words suitable for many conditions. Constant training is the key to such high-level behaviors.


Thank goodness they are not busy eaters. Most will eat bits, seeds, and types of fresh fruits and vegetables organic are best, pasta, grains, peas, and seeds sprouted seeds are the most nutritive. Your bird will let you know which of these its beloveds are. They can also be nourished some lactose intolerant dairy products since all birds are lactose challenged. Avoid giving chocolate, caffeine, avocado, rhubarb, and alcohol as all are poisonous to birds.

Life Span

If you are seeing for a friend for life, you’ll have a friend in this little bird as it habitually lives 20 to 30 years. These birds are unlawful in some portions of the United States, so make sure you check your area before buying one, and afore moving to another part of the country with one.

Would you like to keep a Quaker parrot as a pet?

This kind of parrot would be a very good pet not just because it is loving and calm but it adapts well to diverse environments. This is a very big benefit when keeping a pet bird but we all very well know that if there is a positive side, there must be a negative side.

Therefore, if you do choose to keep a pet bird then you will find parrot Quaker training simply because of its aptitude. We have green quaker parrots for sale, which is a perfect pet to keep at home. There are many more species of parrots are available, buy macaws for sale. These species love to socialize and play with children. They love to have a friendly environment. Hurry up! And bring these beautiful species to your home as a pet.  

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