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Things To Do to Make Your Relationship with your Sibling Healthier

New year resolutions don’t generally involve anything apart from fitness and work lives, little does it include bettering our relationships with our loved ones. Even if that thought were to enter our mind it whooshes in the air with the first fight. The most intangible relationships of all in this spectrum happens to be the one between siblings. There’s no permutation and combination that one could apply and resolve the constant quarrel between siblings. Sisters have issues, brothers are no less and the feistiest of all are siblings of the same age bar. There is an innate sense of unacknowledged love between the two but anyhow the debate never ends. Each year comes two instances when these catfights come to a halt for a day that includes Rakhi and Bhai Dooj. To the day that comes like the Halley comet when it’s all about rakhi gifts for sister and brother, sweets and gatherings here are a few things to do.

For sister

  • Shop together

Steal their clothes but buy them more. There’s a satisfaction in borrowing that is the easy word for stealing your sister’s clothes and it will forever be even when you have a million of them, so buy her more and let the game continue.

  • Day of self-care

Put your battles aside and concentrate on your common goal for the day which is a day of self-care. You know your products use them.

  • Go on a date

You know all about the man your sister is dating but it’s time to rejuvenate your relationship by going on a date together for a sip and supper.

  • Advice

Being the elder sister it is wise your responsibility to not just advise your younger one on boyfriend but also career and code of conduct. And since it’s the day of rakhi and she has chosen to hear you your job will be much easier.

  • Bucket list

Every girl has a bucket list ready for any instance that someone comes up asking for it and they hand it right over. Ask her for it and buy her everything she wants and win her heart.

For brothers

  • Grooming kit

If you are a sister you know how your brother could use a grooming kit and look more dashing for all the gals out there, then give him one.

  • A tinder profile

If your brother is a shy one he probably walks his way out of talking to girls. Make a profile for him with the nicest bio talking of his genuine quality and help him get an angel-like girl.

  • A fitness watch

Men are fitness freaks definitely on the inside if not outside. Gift your brother a fitness watch that helps people note their steps, BP and other things that helps them in the gym too.

  • An instrument

If your brother has always wanted an instrument like most of us and wanted to learn it, give them that instrument along with admission in classes that teaches him to excel in his passion.

  • A thank-you note

Brothers work like angels and cupid without letting their siblings know of their noble gesture. Although you know what he does and it’s your time to thank him for it in beautiful words with limericks here and there.

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