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The Post-Pandemic Future of Public Washrooms

Even before the pandemic, public washrooms were a place where people go only if they have no other option. They are known for being filthy and unsanitary, but with the whole pandemic and the world being more conscious about hygiene, public washrooms have taken a turn for the better. So, if you have been avoiding them most of your life, here is what the post-pandemic future holds for public washrooms.

Less Tolerance For Mess And More Frequent Cleanings

As we have mentioned above, now more than ever, people are increasing the desire to see proper sanitization and there is generally very little tolerance for mess, especially in public washrooms. Having a visual reassurance that the washroom is clean is the key to making people feel safe and comfortable while they are out and about.

Encouraging Proper Hand Washing And Drying

One of the best things that came out of this scary pandemic is the fact that people are more conscious when it comes to washing hands. The simplest and best way to reduce the spread of bacteria in public washrooms is to encourage people to have good hygiene. As we all know, we need to focus on washing hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and warm water and then washing and drying them thoroughly. Following every step will ensure that you keep your hands as clean as possible. What a lot of people didn’t realise is that having dap hands can transfer up to thousands of times more bacteria than dry hands would. Quite a few public washrooms have been adding alkaline water filters to ensure that those who are using the restrooms have the best treatments.

A Focus On Cleaner Air And Better Air Circulation

This pandemic has also made people realise how important indoor air quality, filtration, as well as ventilation, is when it comes to reducing the spread of not only COVID-19 but any virus and bacteria. This fact has left many public bathrooms in the need of an update to ensure that everyone who is in the need of a public bathroom is safe and breathing in clean air. Always ensure that you are equipping the washroom with the best HEPA filter. Those filters will trap up to 99.97 per cent of bacteria and virus particles.

Greater Adoption Of Touchless Technologies

The best thing that everyone is following is touchless technology. When it comes to touchless technologies, they are the key to reducing the spread of bacteria and viruses as you are minimising the contamination species. Luckily as we live in such a technologically advanced world, automatic soap dispensers, touchless toilets, sinks as well as hand dryers are very easy to find and adorable. 

Gender-Inclusive, Single-Occupancy Restrooms

Since the isolation era is at its end and life is beginning to come back to normal people are still trying their best to follow the rules and social distance. As we all know, public washrooms are always crowded and that can become a problem. That is why post covid times have brought us a big change. There are more and more single occupancy as well as gender-inclusive restrooms. We are seeing major changes for the better and public bathrooms are becoming more and more user-friendly washrooms.

Ion Hygienic Technology

Something that a lot of people don’t realise, but aside from adding touchless hand dryers, and sanitary baby changing stations, the best thing that you can do to keep the public washroom clean is by adding an ioniser. When there is a release of negative ions, there will be a chemical reaction in the air that will kill all kinds of bacteria and viruses.

Use Antimicrobial Paint

Another very simple upgrade almost all public washrooms are getting is a lick of antimicrobial paint. This will shield the bathroom from any germs and bacteria. But if there are tiles there already, make sure that you are painting the ceiling as well as the grout. Another thing that you can do is add a microfiber-free additive to the tiles.

Even though this pandemic has completely changed our everyday routines, it sparked an incredible development when it comes to hygiene and awareness people have. 

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