The Importance of Space Design and Planning

Renovating an office space is a complicated and costly proposition. While that seems obvious, it’s remarkable how many office owners jump into a renovation project without slowing down to really think through all the complexities of the project. That’s where expert space design and planning come in. With the help of thoughtful, professional space planning and design, you can maximize the benefits of your office space; without it, you’ll struggle to get the results you want. Here’s a closer look at the benefits of space design and planning. 

What is space design and planning?

Space planning and design is a process that considers everything about space, from the entire footprint of the building to decorative elements and everything in between. Experts in space planning consider what happens in the space and how the space is laid out to ensure that everything in the space is used in the best way possible.

Why does it matter?

It’s tempting to skip the planning and design phase and go directly to buying wholesale commercial interior products and installing them. After all, it’s an office space – how hard can it be? Stick in some cubicles, build a few offices, add a conference room, a break room, and a closet or two and you’re good to go. Offices seem to evolve anyway, so things will change soon if it’s not perfect. Why spend money on professional planning services? 

Here are just a few reasons dollars invested in planning and design are well spent:

  • Productivity. The design of your office space has a direct impact on productivity. If your people are uncomfortable or don’t have convenient access to the things they need, productivity and morale suffer. Having well-defined workspaces that are ideally suited to the types of work being done as well as generous collaborative spaces, welcoming break rooms, and adequate storage meets the needs of employees and makes everyone’s jobs easier and more pleasant. 
  • Compliance. Commercial spaces are subject to numerous codes and regulations. Professional commercial planners know these codes inside and out and will ensure your project is compliant. 
  • Less waste. An unplanned office is a wasteful office. Without planning, there will be wasted space and wasted resources. Effective planning helps you get the most from your space and stay flexible for future changes. 

The Bottom Line

Don’t skip the planning phase. Make the most of your office space with professional planning and space design services from an expert in commercial interiors.

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