Knitwear dos and don’ts

Whether you’ve been getting your inspiration from Pinterest and want to recreate some of the looks that you’ve seen there or you’re simply looking to buy a knit piece and would like to know some more information before spending your money, here are some knitwear dos and don’ts that will help your garments last longer and look better on you.

Do: learn to take care of it

One of the biggest mistakes one makes when buying a piece of knitwear is that they ignore everything written on the label and wash, dry, and store it just like any other regular garment from their closet. This, however, is the fastest way to completely ruin your knitwear and to basically throw your money down the drain. First of all you need to understand if you can wash your piece in the machine, and if not, prepare to use your hands. Then buy a detergent made especially for wool that would be delicate enough to not cause any damages. Lastly, remember to never put it in the dryer and to always fold, not hang.

Don’t: cheap out

Thrift shops are probably the only place you can find cheap high-quality woolen knitwear; other than that, you’ll have to splurge if you want a good piece. You need to understand that knitwear is an investment, and a $30 synthetic sweater from a mass-market store will never compare to a $100 piece bought from a company that specializes in making high-quality woolen knit products. For me, Tara Irish Clothing is the online store where I can get authentic  and most importantly qualitative knit sweaters that are made entirely of merino wool. In the case of knitwear, if you buy cheap, you buy twice.

Do: layer

My favorite fashion advice during autumn and winter is to layer your garments so that you can create a both warm and stylish look. Knit pieces are perfect for this, as they can help isolate the body temperature while also making you look chic and classy. Start with a basic neutral t-shirt or top with long sleeves if the day is extra chilly, this will be your base layer; add a thin fitted black turtleneck and combine it with a beige crew neck sweater with intricate patterns. Wear any pair of black or denim jeans that you own and if you want to keep yourself as warm as possible, you can also throw a woolen coat over your ensemble.

Don’t: ignore proportions

When wearing a knit piece, it is important to take into account its size and fit in order to create beautiful, proportional outfits. For example, if you have a knit fitted cardigan, you should pair it with a pair of wider and larger bottoms, such as slouchy or wide leg trousers. This will create a beautiful contrast between the top and the bottom of your outfit. Same goes for chunky knitwear: if your sweater or cardigan is more on the bulky size, mix it with some skinnier jeans for a look that matches your proportions perfectly.



Michael Caine

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