Ten features that make WhatsApp a leading Messaging App

WhatsApp is a worldwide popular messaging app for connecting people together. The app offered some unique and user-oriented features that made the app popular among users. Soon after WhatsApp popularity, several tech giants tried to acquire WhatsApp, but Facebook acquired the app. Professional mobile app development companies should cater to the users’ needs to make a successful app.

The app provided some amazing features, including voice messaging, hassle-free calling, and video calling that made its users favorite all over the world. Over time the app got evolved, and users started relying on the app more than ever. However, WhatsApp calling feature is banned in some countries in order to support local cellular companies. 

The following are some features that make WhatsApp a leading messaging app globally.

1.    Simple Messaging Solution

WhatsApp allows users to send messages to their friends and family for free. You can use your phone’s Internet connection to send messages instantly. The app feels like a community where you can find everyone and send them messages easily anywhere, anytime.

2.    Voice Messages

WhatsApp provided users with a voice message feature that was not very common before the WhatsApp era. With a voice message service, you can say everything in Your Mind without the need to type every single word—all you need to hold or swap the voice recording button and say it all easily. No matter, you have to say a quick hello or tell a long story, the voice recording feature is just perfect.

3.    User-Friendly Interface

WhatsApp offers a user-friendly interface where users do not have to think before performing an action. Everything is seamless and hassle-free. An interface that is user friendly and doesn’t annoy users to do any job is always popular among users.

4.    Group Chat

WhatsApp offers groups to keep you in touch with all your friends and family in one go. Group chats can keep you connected with up to 256 people at once. You can also name the group, mute, and customize notification settings.

5.    Photos And Videos Sharing Feature

There are many apps that offer photos and videos sharing features. Whatsapp introduced the feature when people needed it. The app filled a gap and met users’ needs. That’s what made the app so popular among users all around the world.

With WhatsApp, users can share moments that matter to them. WhatsApp allows its users to share photos and videos instantly using the app. You can send photos and videos quickly, even if the speed of your internet connection is not stable. WhatsApp also includes a built-in camera that can capture the moments instantly during conversations.

6.    Documents sharing

Whatsapp provides the user with an easy way to share documents and files. With WhatsApp, you no longer have to share email addresses and open mails for small file sharing. Document sharing is made easy. You can share documents, PDFs, slides, spreadsheets, and more. WhatsApp allows you to send files up to 100 MB instantly using the app.

7.     Whatsapp Web

Whatsapp Web allows you to keep the conversation going even when you are using the desktop. With WhatsApp on the web and desktop app, you can seamlessly sync your conversations to the desktop device. This helps you choose the most convenient for using WhatsApp.

8.    Completely Ad-free

Another feature of WhatsApp that makes its users favorite is its add free approach. Right from the WhatsApp launch, WhatsApp did not show ads on their platform. This is a major concern of WhatsApp users that they can use the app without any disturbance and outside inference.

9.    WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp also offers a business account for businesses where companies can list their products. It makes it easier for customers to watch the list and select their favorite products to place orders. Since WhatsApp is an app that almost every internet user has on their smartphones, WhatsApp business is a way out for small business owners to enlist their products among thousands of users on WhatsApp. All you have to do is to switch your app to the business version, and you can use the business features available on the app.


WhatsApp offers the right solution for users’ privacy concerns. Users share their personal moments and confidential conversation on WhatsApp. Therefore WhatsApp offers end-to-end encryption into the latest versions of their app. With end-to-end encryption, users can rely on the security measures that only the sender and the receiver can see the content of a message.

When end-to-end encrypted, messages, photos,  and calls are secured. Only the person sending and the one who is receiving the messages can see, read, or listen to the messages, images and videos and voice messages.  Nobody in between, not even WhatsApp, can see the shared content. The feature is installed by default, and the app encrypts messages from the sender to its server and then encrypts them back to the recipient.

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