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Anti-marks cream for acne scars

Acne affects almost 90% of the adolescents. Though they sometimes are seen in adults also but for most of them it is a distant memory or a horrifying one because of the scars it has left behind. Though acne scars are not life threatening but still tends to give psychological and self esteem issues. Getting a no marks cream for acne scars is the go to solution. There are many reasons for acne which in turn causes pimples or cysts. The natural healing process of our skin is such that these pimples leave a mark on our skin when they heal. If the inflammation is large the resulting scar will also be large. These scars or marks do fade away but they take years in doing so. Thankfully, there are creams available in the market which can really speed up the process and help you in achieving flawless skin in a very short period of time.

Many girls leave the hope of getting a good skin and decide to adjust with the acne and resulting acne marks. It slowly becomes a vicious cycle of one leading to another and before the one heals another one is on its way. It’s important to take control and fight against these pimples and pimple marks. One must choose and get a good scar removing cream. While getting a scar removing cream one should check the presence of the following:-

  1. You should identify the kind of scar you have on your skin. There are four types of scars on the skin i.e. stretch marks, keloid, hypertrophic and atrophic.
  2. The said cream should have antioxidant properties.
  3. The cream should have Hydroquinone which helps in stopping melanin production.
  4. The cream should increase collagen production. This is the natural healing hormone produced by our skin and is generally secreted when we get hurt, get a wound or a scar. 
  5. Presence of Tretinoin which reduces the appearance of marks and scars.
  6. It should stop or at least deter melanocyte metabolism.
  7. It should have Corticosteroid mometasone which decreases inflammation.
  8. It should reduce pigmentation. 

Although excellent creams are available over the counter still it is always recommended to consult a dermatologist before applying any cream on your skin. The result of the best of the creams varies according to skin type, skin condition and exposure of the skin including sun exposure. However, to see results one has to give the acne Scar remover cream a fair chance. It takes a while for getting results from these creams. One must trust the cream and apply it religiously to get good results. The proper application of these creams religiously everyday on the affected area will surely get you good results. 

The impact a scarred filled face can have on a new college is nowhere less than a big calamity. The social implications of such an event are inequitable and have to be timely controlled and a check must be put on this menace called acne. If you are unable to nub it in the bid then also the problem can be stopped and rectified with the help and application of these creams! 

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