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Take a Step Towards Sustainable Life with Bamboo Beddings

What is the first visual to pop into your head after hearing the word ‘bamboo?’ If it is a wooden pipe, it is high time you change your opinion! Bamboo is now dominating the bedding space with its plethora of benefits.

Made with fibres of the bamboo plants, these sheets are now actively used to replace cotton and linen alternatives. Apart from the sheets, you can also find other bedding items like comforters, pillow covers, mattress toppers, baby blankets, etc.

You can get more information about each product by searching ‘Bamboo Haus online. Read more to know about the 5 unique benefits of investing in bamboo bedding items.


Bamboo is a naturally occurring hypoallergenic component and is pretty mild and gentle on the human skin. If you are prone to catching allergies from substances sprayed with insecticides and pesticides, this fabric will suit you best!

Additionally, it does not hold onto any foul smell and is antimicrobial. Therefore, it helps kill bacteria and is an ideal alternative for people suffering from eczema or other skin conditions.

Temperature Regulating

Bamboo sheets will be nothing less than a godsend if you often wake up while sleeping due to excessive sweating. With a highly breathable and moisture-wicking fabric, you won’t have to sleep on damp bedding and risk the growth of bacteria or other microorganisms. After all, bamboo can be four times more absorbent than cotton.

Based on the current season, these sheets will regulate temperature efficiently. In summers, they will keep you calm due to continuous air passage. Similarly, you won’t come in contact with chilly air in winter.

Soft and Smooth

There’s nothing quite like slipping into a soft, cosy bed after toiling at work all day. When it comes to delivering a smooth fabric touch, bamboo does not disappoint at all. Even with a low fabric count, these sheets have an incredibly satin-like feel and are pretty gentle on the skin.

If you have frizzy hair, the pillowcases work best! All these bedding products are made with 100% organic bamboo viscose, prepared after cellulose extraction. In short, you get silk-like benefits without having to wash the fabric by hand.


Bamboo plants naturally can fend off any bacteria or microbes. As a result, the farmer does not have to use extra chemicals that can ultimately harm nature. Made with an organic harvesting process, this fabric is entirely environmentally friendly.

Additionally, it is known to absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen in more quantity than other trees. Therefore, if you are considering adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle, choosing bamboo bedding is the right option.


If you are worried about your new bed sheets going through wear and tear, think again! Unlike short fibres that break easily, bamboo products are made of long fibre strands.

Also, bamboo is moisture-wicking and, therefore, faces less discolouration. These sheets are made to last 10 years or more if properly maintained.

Wrapping Up

Planning to upgrade your linen closet? There is no better way than to replace old sheets with highly sustainable and moisture-wicking bamboo alternatives.

Apart from the sheets, you can also find bamboo pillowcases, comforters, and other bedding products in the market these days. Simply search ‘Bamboo Haus’ online and select your choice of item.

There are multiple benefits of using bamboo beddings. With their antimicrobial and temperature regulation properties, you are sure to enjoy it more than regular cotton or linen.

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