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Different types of kitchen handles available in the market

According to research, the global modular kitchen and residential construction market are growing at a fast pace, as many people live in small apartments with modular storage solutions. Hence, a modular kitchen solves the problem of storing many kitchen essentials. You can choose the design and appearance of your modular kitchen based on your design and style preference. The factors that enhance a kitchen’s outlook are the cabinets, color themes, handles, etc. Many brands KT & CO Handles, create all kinds of kitchen handles so that you can choose the handles based on the color and style of your kitchen interior.

You can experiment with different ideas; for example, if your kitchen has a contemporary finish, then you can match it up with traditional handles as it will give your kitchen a nice blend of the traditional and modern design approaches.

If you are getting your kitchen renovated and are confused about handles, then you can refer to the following points. These points list out all the types of handles that are available in the market:

Handleless drawers

Many people like the idea of going handleless with their kitchen drawers as it gives their kitchen a contemporary and innovative look. Many brands who create kitchen interior design items can make kitchen cabinets for you that are handleless. There is a section under one edge of the upper layer in such drawers. You can put your hand in this section to open the drawer; this section is not visible from the outside, giving it a unique look.

Edge profile handles

These types of handles are designed to provide proper grip and elegance to the overall look of your kitchen. Edge profile handles are famous worldwide and are among kitchen cabinets’ most commonly used handles. It is because these handles give the kitchen a balanced look. Different types of edge profile handles are available in the market, and these handles are made with wide stainless steel bars giving them an edgy finish.


Knobs are the most commonly used traditional handles in kitchens worldwide. You can find these knobs in many kitchens in western and eastern countries. So, if you want to maintain a traditional look in your kitchen, then you can get cabinet knobs installed as handles.

Bow handles

Other than the straight and bar-like handles, there are also bow-shaped handles available in the market. The shape of the bow can vary in different designs, so you can choose the design that appeals to you more. These handles give your kitchen a unique, vintage finish.

Mix and Match

You can find a brand like KT & CO Handles, purchase different handles, and experiment with them. For example, you can have some knobs and some bow handles and put them on your kitchen drawers randomly to give them a unique and blended finish. It will make your kitchen stand out from the rest.


Many people get their kitchen handles customised as per their kitchen’s color theme and outlook. You can also explain your preference to a brand that makes handles per customers’ preferences. For example, you can get edge profile handles customised in different color themes for your kitchen to go well with your interiors.

These points list different types of kitchen handles so that you can choose the style that matches your design sense and gives your kitchen a unique appearance. So, select your preferred style and find the brand that manufactures such handles.

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