Reviewing Bitcoin Motion 2022: Know about its working, and whether it is legit?

Bitcoin is known to be the first cryptocurrency to have ignited a new wave of digital technology in the field of finance. It was founded by an anonymous identity Satoshi Nakamoto. The digital currency became operational on 3rd January 2009. Many people have benefited from it and have become wealthy billionaires. Some of the examples include Barry Silbert, Winkelvoss Twins, Brian Armstrong, Changpeng Zhao, and Akshay Haldipur from India. Well, today, we are not going to discuss upon but something which is co-related with the global famed cryptocurrency. It is Bitcoin Motion. 

If you have never heard of it, then let us give you a brief overview of this crypto technology. It is actually a bot that finds its use for round-the-clock crypto trading on the behalf of a user. Bitcoin Motion even assures to provide help to novice crypto traders explore success with the least effort. But the main point is to find out the authenticity of this platform. And for that, you need to stay abreast with the article till the end. So let us begin our review on:

Bitcoin Motion: an introduction

Bitcoin Motion can be explained as a crypto trading platform that operates with automated provision. This automated bot makes the best use of algorithms in controlling the cryptocurrency market round-the-clock-24/7 with the motive of trading opportunities, and then it implements trading at the time of display of target setups. The trading with real money is done on your behalf by Bitcoin Motion. 

This automated crypto bot comes with an instant withdrawal timeline. It underpins 4 major digital currencies – Bitcoin, USD Coin, Polkadot, and Ethereum. If you are expecting a mobile application of it, then sorry it is not available. The successive ratio of Bitcoin Motion is counted around 82.4%. There are no fees, only spreads. It is compatible with your desktop and Android and iOS supported devices. 

Appealing for beginners too

Bitcoin Motion is not just for advanced or experienced crypto investors but also for those who have no prior experience in the crypto market. All you have to do is deposit the sum of $250 or maybe more than it, and then this trading crypto bot will receive it from there. Having a success rate of 82.4% indicates that out of every hundred trades, the crypto trading bot implement the closure of profit. 

Advantage of Bitcoin Motion

  • The one such big advantage of Bitcoin Motion is its being an crypto trading bot that operates automated provision. 
  • Secondly, it does not demand excess manual research and interference. 
  • No fees for account
  • The success rate is 82.4%
  • Round-the-clock customer support service

The disadvantage of Bitcoin Motion

  • Even though it can be supportive to the mobile browser, still, there is no provision of its mobile application
  • Asks to deposit an initial amount of $250

Knowing the functioning of the Bitcoin Motion

A sophisticated algorithm is used by Bitcoin Motion for the purpose of tracking the price movements of its four major supported cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin, USD Coin, Polkadot, and Ethereum. At the time of formation of price patterns setup recognized by algorithm, it will encourage the trade with the use of money in your account. Only the slightest need for approval or manual intervention is needed from you. After that, a new position will be opened simply by the algorithm.

After noticing the continuous changes in the price, the algorithm of Bitcoin Motion will do the identification of the time of exiting the crypto trading. And it will be done via automated provision and would also dispatch the funds. Any profit would also be incorporated into your trading account. 

Every day dozens of crypto trading is implemented by Bitcoin Motion. There is 24/7 running of its algorithm. Users do not have to bother about tweaking it or having control over it. Those who have never practiced crypto trading before, and are new to the crypto market will surely find this crypto bot user-friendly. 

Basic characteristics

While reviewing the automated crypto bot Bitcoin Motion, let us get familiar with its basic characteristics and what does it offer to its users.

Automated Round-the-clock crypto trading

Bitcoin Motion provides 24/7 trading in 4 top-rated cryptocurrencies – BTC, USDC, ETH, and DOT. It works as an automatic bot and needs minimum manual role from its users for the identification or implementing trades.

Speedy trading

A very best advantage with Bitcoin Motion is it’s being very speedy at the time of trading in comparison to manual trading. And the main element behind its fastest operation is the inbuilt algorithm that is helpful in spotting the trade set-up plus instigating a position that works much faster than the human trader. Most of the trading done by Bitcoin Motion is done in a very short duration, like say less than 1 millisecond. 

Success rate

The one reason that would convince you about Bitcoin Motion is its success rate of 82.4%. Well, this claim has not been verified, but one thing is sure, which is it is much more advanced and faster than its competent BTC robots. 

Offering demo trading account

If you wish to check out the safety provision at Bitcoin Motion, with a motive to evaluate whether it is a genuine platform for you or not, then let us tell you that it does offer a demo trading account for its newbie users. You don’t have to risk your money at all with it. This is the best way out to evaluate Bitcoin Motion in getting an idea about how much money can be made via this software. 

Faster withdrawals no charging of fees

In comparison to other trading platforms’ withdrawal strategies, Bitcoin Motion is much faster in delivering withdrawals instantly at your request. Plus, it does not charge any account fees. 

Is Bitcoin Motion legit?

Now comes the main question, is Bitcoin Motion legit or not? The answer is Yes. Based on the above-mentioned features, it is indeed a fully legit platform. 

Steps to use Bitcoin Motion

  • Visit the official website of Bitcoin Motion for the signing up process by entering personal details like your name, email, contact number on the registration form. 
  • After done with filling, click Register Now.
  • Do not misunderstand Bitcoin Motion as a usual cryptocurrency exchange. You need to create a partner brokerage that would implement in trading checked by the algorithm on your behalf. 
  • Bitcoin Motion will not be activated unless you make an initial deposit of $250.
  • After this, you can proceed with using Bitcoin Motion. 

Final words

Bitcoin Motion is indeed a useful crypto trading platform that works on the behalf of the user as a bot. It works with an automated process and delivers instant withdrawals. In case, you are stuck with some confusion, then there is 24/7 customer support for your help. Up till now, there is no evidence of its being spam or fake. So you can consider it as legit with an 82.4% success rate as it claims. 

The only downside with this crypto bot is the non-availability of the mobile app. Plus it charges initial deposit fees of $250. Flock on to Cryptoknowmics, the best blockchain news aggregator for more interesting updates on blockchain and other crypto developments. 

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