Readying Yourself to Get Pregnant and Be a Mom

Preparatory Measures

Sure, you can find a man for a night of wild passion, conceive, and become a mother by the seat of your pants. A lot of moms do that, and their kids grow up to be healthy and productive members of society. A lot of moms do that, and end up in a sort of purgatory that they never come out of, too.

Preparing to be a mother is about more than just protecting the interests of your coming child. It’s about protecting your personal interests, that of your extended family, and the position you occupy in society. Getting pregnant isn’t terribly complex. Being a mom is one of the most difficult jobs there is. Here we’ll explore three key resources you’ll want in advance.


  1. Lactation Specialists

Breastfeeding is a perfectly natural aspect of motherhood, and the primary reason behind mammary glands. Even so, there can be complications. Nipples get sore. Milk ducts get blocked. Some babies are born with teeth, making nursing exceptionally painful. You might have latch issues, and the list goes on.

Having an available lactation specialist after you give birth is often a very wise move for the new mom. You can read more about lactation specialists here.


  1. A Gynecologist You Trust

Before acquiring a lactation specialist, you want to be sure you’re in requisite health to give birth. Sometimes you get pregnant before visiting with skilled OB/GYN physicians, but they can still help. An OB/GYN will check in with you once a month; you’ll usually go down to their office and have them run an ultrasound machine on you to see the child as it develops.

When you’re about to give birth, you’ll be going into their office about once a week. After you give birth, it can be worthwhile to check in with an OB/GYN to assure everything is getting back to “normal”, as it were, in terms of your physical health.


  1. A Reliable Support Network

The importance of a parental support network is hard to over-emphasize. You’re going to have emergencies as a new mom. Even as a mom who may have had half a dozen kids before, there are always unique issues that crop up which you couldn’t have possibly anticipated.

Get a support network that includes friends and family, but isn’t limited to them. You want to find actual groups out there as well. Sometimes you’re in a situation where no friends or family are available, but you still need help. That’s when the support group swoops in to save the day.


Being Ready

Being there is one of the best things you can do as a mom. Not all pregnancies are planned, after all. Whether you’re planning to be a mom, or you’ve just become one incidentally, give yourself the tools you need to succeed. A few you might consider include lactation specialists, gynecological help, and a support network you trust.

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